10 Steps to Organise Cheap Team Building Activities in Singapore 


cheap team building activities in singapore

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Stressed and always missing out on important details when planning for team building?

With our useful guide on team building activities, you won’t have to worry anymore. Just run through these 10 steps (along with some questions to ask yourself) and you’re on your way to an awesome team building ahead for you and your colleagues!

Make your team building planning process a smooth-sailing and hassle-free one now! Planning for team building activities in Singapore, can be really fun.

If you have a low budget and looking for cheap team building, you may need to ask more companies for quotes as most team building companies in Singapore will not be able to fit your budget.As such, in particular when you have low budget and are looking for team building activities that are cheap, it is important to be prepared with all the team building details. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time clarifying with a lot of team building companies in Singapore just to get a few quotes that fit your low budget.

If you have low budget and wants to save time planning for cheap team building activities in Singapore, here is your ultimate guide!

Step #1 Objective of Team Building

cheap team building activities in singapore

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What do you want to achieve out of this team building? Do you want to build closer relationships and cultivate trust among one another? Or are there learning objectives to fulfill?

Pen down the objectives you would like to fulfill!

One word of advice.

You get what you pay for. Even Warren Buffet says “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

When you are looking for team bonding activities on a low budget, you need to be very realistic & pragmatic with your objective. When you are paying a low price, you have to be ready to compromise. It is highly unlikely that you’ll accomplish a whole list of objectives. In fact, you may waste a lot of time trying to do so.

Like what Warren Buffet says, be clear on the Value that you want and be clear on the objective that you want!

Step #2 Key Message



Being clear on your objective of team building in the first step helps bring you to this step! Are there any key messages your upper management would like to enforce through this team building? (eg. excellence, performance etc.) Any company values to reinforce to employees? Or any strategy for this year to share?

Let your vendors know so that they can have sufficient time to plan ahead, and to include your requests into the activities!

Step #3 Recall past team building events!

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Recall! What have you guys done for your last team building? Was it fun? Where was the team building event held at? (indoors or outdoors?) What were the pros and cons of the location where the event was held at? Any feedback from colleagues to further improve on from the last team building?

Step #4 Money No Enough?

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Come up with a realistic budget range to work within! This is so that further details can be discussed and negotiated with the respective team building vendors. A budget range provides flexibility for vendors to work around, instead of just a sole rigid number to work with, which could effectively limit further discussion and fun!

Step #5 Pick a date!

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Decide on a date for the team building event where all your colleagues can attend! Be sure to confirm the date and make sure that your colleagues are aware so that they can mark that date down on their calendar! Then just look forward to the day of fun and bonding!

Step #6 Timing and Duration

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Let your vendors know the time and the duration you would like your team building to last! Should the event be a half-day program or a full-day one? How long do you want the participants to be engaged for? 2 hours? Or 5 hours? Specify!

Step #7 Venue

cheap team building activities in singapore

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North South East West! Which would be a more convenient area for all of the participants? Central?

Where would you like the team building to be held at? Indoors or outdoors? Any special requirements? For instance, is air-conditioning preferred or a need? Are fans enough? Let your vendors know about your preference to better cater to your needs for a more pleasant experience for all!

Step #8 Food Food Food!

cheap team building activities in singapore

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As the saying goes “A hungry man is an angry man”. Never let your participants leave a team building event hungry!

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Do plan in meal times if the duration of the team building event is long as you wouldn’t want your colleagues to play with an empty stomach! Decide if you would like to include lunch or dinner, or even a short tea-break session in between for participants to rest up a bit and be energised for the next segment of activities!

Also, do indicate to your vendors if you would require halal-certified or vegetarian options to be included!

Step #9 Number of Participants/Profile

cheap team building activities in singapore

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Often a neglected but crucial step here! Do take note of the profile of participants (age group, interests etc.) to have a thoroughly inclusive and fun-filled team building for all! Are most of the participants < 30 years old, between 30-50 years old, or are most of them above 50 years old? Any pregnant or disabled participants? Do let your vendors know so that appropriate activities can be incorporated into the program!

Also, do confirm the number of participants for the event so that sufficient preparations and appropriate measures can be taken (such as the amount of materials to provide, the booking of venues, food etc.).

Step #10 Send this template to vendors now!

Picture Source: www.webmerge.me

Picture Source: www.webmerge.me

Ready, get set, GO! Now with all the questions well-thought out and your criteria all listed out nicely, you’re all ready to send this template to the several vendors you’ve had in mind to see which vendor would be able to best fit your needs! Of course, we’ll be glad to talk to you as well.

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Get Funding

cheap team building activities in singapore

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More often than not, we find ourselves stuck with a low budget to work things around and we totally understand that that can be really frustrating. Here are some avenues you can turn to for funding.

  • PIC

As mentioned, all you need to do to claim PIC is to file your team building under the qualifying activity called Training. All you need to do is to write “Team Building Training to improve productivity”. All Team Building companies are eligible for this as there are no such thing as PIC-endorsed/approved vendor.

  • CIF

Claim of up to 80%, only for Village Singapura. However, there has to be at least a good mix of Singaporeans and foreigners. If you want to proceed with this, application has to be submitted at least 2 months before the event date. Not applicable for Government Agencies.

  • STB 

Don’t qualify for integration funding? You can still get some funding from STB. You can get some funding from STB if you are considering between holding this in Singapore or elsewhere
Confused on which funding to go for? Want to know more on how to get a particular funding with your team building activity? Enquire now to get a free funding assessment along with a free quote today.

Are you a government agency? Or are you disappointed because you don’t qualify for most of these funding options? Fret not! We have affordable team bonding activities available for you. Alternatively, enquire now and tell us your needs & issues. We will try to customize to fit your budget or we may have partners that can fit your budget.

Want to know more tips and tricks about funding your team building?

Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more (get your friends to sign up too)! And more details about funding will be up on our blog soon, so stay tuned.

With these 10 steps, you’re on your way to planning a fun and cheap team building which will be enjoyed by all your colleagues!

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