5 Indoor Team Building Activities in Singapore for Rain or Shine

Nothing puts a downer on a painstakingly planned team building activity like bad weather. In Singapore, a blazing hot sunny day can turn dark and stormy in the blink of an eye, so indoor activities are always a good bet. Here are 5 great team bonding activities in Singapore that can go on, come rain or shine.

1. Music is a Universal Language

Did you know that making music reshapes the brain? Benefits include better memory and coordination.

Picture Source: http://www.teammusic.com.sg/

Group karaoke is all and well, but for those looking for a bit more of a challenge, why not try your hand at learning an instrument and creating music together as a band? Making music together can deepen social bonds and gives your brain a dose of feel-good chemicals. The best thing is, you don’t need any musical experience to join the fun!

With so many music genres out there, something is sure to please everyone. You can even make your own instruments from recycled materials!

2. Giving Back to the Community

Build a bicycle or a teddy bear (or both!) and donate it to underprivileged children!

Picture Source: http://www.sbadventureco.com

Collaborating with non-profit organisations to come up with bonding activities is another great way to create that feel-good vibe. Whatever cause you choose to support, doing charity work as a team can help build strong emotional bonds, strengthen communication skills and boost morale while making a positive difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

It can be as simple as volunteering to spend some time in senior activity centres! If you’re in a crafty mood, why not try making simple toys that can be donated to underprivileged children.

3. Stretch It Out

Corporate yoga activities don’t need a special venue – any space in your office will do, even the office lobby or a meeting room!

Picture Source: http://www.republicofyoga.org

Beyond enriching the heart and soul, helping your employees keep healthy and fit can boost your company’s productivity, performance and success.

Yoga is a great form of stress-relief and is a low-impact exercise, which means anybody – of any age, and of all levels of fitness – can easily participate. Best of all, no special equipment is needed, so your employees can keep reaping the benefits of the session by practicing on their own.

4. Think Out of the Box

Escape room games are especially popular with the younger folk, but there’s really no age limit.

Picture Source: Singapore Escape Hunt

Looking for another way to get your heart rate up? Escape room games are all the rage now, with players given a set time limit to solve the puzzles in order to escape the room – guaranteed to give you a boost of adrenaline. Players also have to work with whatever is in the room, so this is a great chance to build teamwork and spur some out-of-the-box thinking.

5. Entering a World of Pure Imagination

LARPing is a great way to build confidence and improvisation skills. Don’t worry about looking silly – it’s all in the name of fun!

Picture Source: Village Singapura

What’s LARPing, you say? If you’re on the lookout for an unusual and fun team building activity in Singapore, LARP – or live action role-play – is undoubtedly on the top of the list.

LARP has its roots in video games and “Dungeons and Dragons”, so traditionally quite a bit of medieval armour is involved. Imagine your employees dressing up incostumes, and letting them be whatever they want to be – archers, swordsmen, or even wizards. It’s a childhood dream come true!

Village Singapura, however, has put a unique Singaporean twist to it – instead of knights and dragons, players will be transported to Singapore in the 1930s, role-playing as merchants, rickshaw pullers and new migrants struggling to survive the challenges of the Great Depression. Much attention has gone into creating an authentic atmosphere for the venue, so this is sure to be a memorable bonding session!

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Do you have any other ideas for indoor team bonding activities in Singapore? Leave a comment below and share it with us!


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