Fun Flower craftwork for families!

Did you know?

  • In February 2014, Singapore went without rain for 20 days and recorded its longest dry spell in at least 5 years, which was said to trigger many blooms on different species of plants, leading to the hashtag #sgblooms on social media sites.
  • The flowering was said to be a result of the the inter-monsoon season (between March and May, and September and October), where light, showers, and changing wind patterns are common.
  • However, there are no official records of such “blooming seasons”, but such sights were said to be observed in 2006 and 2010.


Here is how you can anticipate the “flower season” and bond with some pretty flowers this season!

Not sure if flowers would be blooming this season? No worries at all, you can now create your own!

Making of Accordion Paper Flowers

Materials needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden dowels or sticks
  • Buttons, plastic gems, or other decorations (optional)


1. Start off by preparing 3 to 4 paper squares of the same size. You can use square origami paper, gift wrap paper, colourful magazines pages, or any interesting paper options. (Note: try not to use paper that is too thick or heavy to fold.)

2. Gather the sheets together, aligning them on all four sides to ensure that papers used are of the same size. While stacking the squares together, make a ½ to ¾ inch wide fold on one side as seen in the picture.

3. Next, separate the sheets. Using the fold width created in the previous step, fold each paper square like an accordion (back-and-forth folding).

4. After the last fold, trim any excess paper neatly.

5. Fold each paper accordion into half as shown in the picture above.

6. Apply glue on the inner side of the paper accordion and bring both sides towards each other. Press down firmly to glue them together.

7. When unfolded, these fan-like pieces will form sections of your paper flower, and the folds will be the petals of the flower.

8. It is an optional step, but you can make some changes to the shape of the flower petals by trimming  the top of each petal. After Step 6, you can draw a curved or diagonal (depending on what shape of petals you want your flower to have) line near the top of the outermost fold and cut along that line.


9. Align the flower sections along the edges, glue the first and second section together.


10. Again, glue the third flower section over the second one, aligning them along the edges. Then, glue the fourth section on top of the third one. Press on the whole pile to ensure that all the sections are glued together in place. Wait for a few minutes for the glue to dry before proceeding with the next step.


11. Apply glue on to topmost fold of the pile and along the base of the flower sections.


12. Next, carefully bring the 2 outermost folds towards each other to open up the flower, and press on these pairs of folds to glue them together nicely.


13. Gently press the flower sections towards the center of the flower to glue their bases together. The flower is done!


14. Now, you can choose to glue a wooden stick or straw at the back of each paper flower to make a stem. Alternatively, you can create colourful stems by painting the sticks or wrapping them with fabric ribbon. Arrange the stemmed flowers in a vase or a pretty glass bottle to make a lovely table décor!

accordionpaperflowers-mainpic (1)

(optional): A button, paper circle or a plastic gem can be glued in the middle of each flower as well to enhance its appearance as see in the picture above!


Go one step further and make different “species” of pretty flowers! (look below for some ideas!)

You can:

– vary the size of the flowers by using different sizes of square papers

– create flowers with different number of petals by using different number of paper squares each time

– come up with interesting petal shapes by experimenting with the snip you made in Step 8 or simply vary the fold width to create flowers with different number of petals (wider folds create less petals whereas narrower folds create more petals)

– make your flowers look more attractive with a variety of paper colour and print or by adding some decorations  like buttons, plastics gems and other embellishments


    accordionpaperflowers-redpolka   accordionpaperflowers-blue   accordionpaperflowers-red


What are you waiting for? Get you creative juice flowing now and get cracking!




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