Frequently Asked Questions

Village Singapura

What is Team Building?

According to Wikipedia, team building involves a series of activities which builds efficiency as well as interpersonal relationships. It is often used to motivate team members and to improve overall team performance. And quoting Forbes, team building is the most important investment you will make.

How to get funding for my team building?

You will need to get a free quote now or contact us to let us know your needs. Based on your situation, we can do a free and quick check for you on which funding you will qualify for and help you with all the paper work. If you like to read more now, here are the details on 3 of the most possible funding.

Firstly, as of the time of this writing in Jan 2017, all the funding are not applicable for Singapore government agencies. We have a better alternative for you if you are from a government agency though. If you a private company, trade union, government-linked company, good news! Please skip the next paragraph for more details on funding.

If you are a government agency, fret not! We have a wide range of activities, most of which below $5000 in total, and we can provide a convenient package complete with suitable Biz Safe certified or central/convenient venue and Halal buffet.

If you are not from a government agency, for those with mostly participants based in Singapore, you should consider PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) or the king of funding, the Community Integration Funding that can give you up to 80% off. For those with mostly overseas participants, consider BEIS from the STB. Here are more details on funding for team building in Singapore.

What is the best type of team building event?

There is definitely not universal best team building event if you ask us. Each organisation faces different needs and will have different objectives to meet. Contact us so that we can talk about it, and see what fits best for you!

Do you customise programs for customers?

Of course! No team building should be exactly the same. We strongly believe that the needs of every organisation are different, and we take pride in getting to know the needs of our customers, then tailoring a program line-up exclusively for them. Chat we us so that we can know you better and come up with a more suitable plan!

LIVE Action Role Playing Game

What is Village Singapura®?

Village Singapura ® creates unforgettable experiences through traditions and culture. Through our travels, we explored different cultures around the world but ended up discovering more about ourselves. We found this meaningful but inaccessible. Hence, we aspire to convey the same impact through the accessible, fun experiences that we create. Through these experiences, people enjoy fun bonding together while exploring different cultures and discovering more about themselves.

What is a Live Action Role Playing Game?

Players will portray as characters set in a historical context.  The overall experience and story is designed and guided by us, but player’s action will affect the storyline and gameplay. Players will interact with many unique characters, and will need to overcome challenges in pursuit of the character’s objectives.

What is required of me?

Participants need to only book a slot and head down to our premises, we will take care of the rest. We will provide the props, costumes and ambience for the Live Action RPG.

Why play the Live Action RPG?

Probably the most unique and immersive game that you can find! Our venue has been specifically modelled and furnished for the best live action RPG. Interact with unusual game characters and relive 1930s Singapore in a unforgettable way.

Are the activities strenuous in nature?

The Chapteh game is the only physical activity, but players who are handicapped or have special requirements can still play as the rules will be modified slightly to involve them. Our activities are very inclusive and are adaptable for most age groups from young children to older folks.

Do you guys do events for corporate teambuilding or for big group sizes?

We certainly do! Please contact us through email or call us so that we can understand your needs better and suggest a suitable programme.

Can you guys do it at an external venue?

The Live Action RPG is limited to our venue. However we do team building and other cultural activities at external venues. Please contact us so that we can understand your needs better and suggest a suitable programme.

What are the challenges/missions that will be played?

Players will undergo challenges like doing Chinese paper cutting, recognising Indian spices and playing Chaptehs. Have a look at the video for a sneak peek of these activities.

Are there other quests?

We are currently in the midst of creating the next quest. So stay tuned!


My colleagues are worried about acting!

We definitely recommend trying out the Drama-Mama session as we have seen many participants who were normally reluctant ,and shy overcome their barriers and have tremendous fun. In our experience, Drama-Mama has not failed to create laughter, joy and bonding.

Will everyone have to act?

Everyone will need to have a part and there will be many roles for the acting as e.g. a group of 5 to 10 japanese soldiers, passers-bys, Lions, Sang Nila Utama’s 4 wives, Raffles’s sepoy soldiers, hawkers selling paper cutting, someone playing the role of the wind.

Other than acting, they can assign individuals to plan and even be a narrator.

Can we remove the acting part?

Our alternative program “Running Man” does not involve any acting segment and that might be more suitable for you.

Can we remove the acting part?
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