Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore – Pokémon Go!


fun team building activities in singapore

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Pokémon Go is all the hype now. Everything, everywhere is all about Pokémon Go. Previously uninhibited areas are now filled with crowds of people, standing around in clusters, armed with their smartphones, throwing Pokéballs at imaginary Pokémons which they can only see through the screens of their smartphones.

Don’t be shy to admit that you’re one of them. Cos’ we definitely are.

Why not let Pokémon Go be your new team bonding activity that brings you and your colleagues closer together? Get out and about together, and there’s no more indecisiveness on where to go, cos’ you just go to where the Pikachus and Dragonites are. Let us tell you how.

Do remember to bring along your fully-charged portable chargers too, they will definitely come in handy on your Pokémon-hunting trip. Don’t say we didn’t remind you.

Step #1 Pokémon Go where find? 

Rather than going aimlessly under the sweltering heat trying to look for Pokémons, do some research first and make all that sweating worthwhile! Which areas are brimming full of a certain type of Pokémon? Which Pokémon can only exclusively be found at a certain location? There are certainly some Pokémon hotspots. Do your homework now! Or you can even split up the work among your colleagues and treat it as a group project!

fun team building activities in singapore

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Pikachu’s Nest:

fun team building activities in singapore

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Step #2 Gather fellow Poké-masters colleagues

fun team building activities in singapore

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Now that the research work is more or less done, gather all like-minded colleagues and fix a date to go Pokémon hunting! Or you may even introduce and influence non-Pokémon-Goers to download the app (cues evil laughter). Expand your group of Pokémon-hunting kakis! The more the merrier!

Step #3 Go Pokémon Hunting!

fun team building activities in singapore

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Plan a route to follow to enhance you Pokémon-catching experience, going all around Singapore! Make good use of the time to bond with your colleagues while visiting landmarks of Singapore amidst all that Pokéball throwing!

Do remember to visit Pokéstops along the way and collect some useful items too.

Of course, don’t be too engross and do keep a lookout of your surroundings! The good thing about Pokémon-hunting in a group? You can keep a lookout on each other as well.

Step #4 Consolidate the day’s results

fun team building activities in singapore

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Check out what Pokémons the eggs you’ve been painstakingly incubated all day long hatched into! Admire your updated Pokédex with more Pokémons! How many levels did you advance in a day? Look at the new items you’ve collected at the multiple Pokéstops. Consolidate your achievements from a day of Poké-hunting with your colleagues and celebrate your victory over a good meal and some drinks!

Step #5 Plan for the next Poké-hunting date

fun team building activities in singapore

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How can a day of fun be enough? Such Pokémon-hunting trips also double up as a good workout for cubicle rats like us! Not only you can catch Pokémons to beef-up your Pokédex, you get to travel around Singapore (an experience deemed precious given your hectic work!), get a good long-awaited workout and of course, you get to bond with your fellow colleagues over a common topic of Pokémon!

Guess Pokémon Go isn’t that bad after all isn’t it?

Alternatively, have an Exclusive Village Singapura Experience!

Don’t want to do so much research prior to a team building and not really sure if catching Pokémons islandwide is worth the sweat? Or simply, you (and your colleagues) would like to take a break from all that Pokémon-catching craze? Look no further.

Team Building Singapore Venue

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-20/21 Singapore 080333 (Nearest MRT station: Chinatown)

Come and have a fun-filled team building experience at Village Singapura with your colleagues! At Village Singapura, a shop-house is revamped to look like a scene of 1930s Singapore, an excellent team building venue. Participants would be transported back in time, and get to be engaged in an exclusive and exciting team building experience. No planning needed (on your end) and no sweat!


Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

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