Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore – Team Building Ideas You (may) Have Not Thought of

fun team building activities singapore

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Had enough of conventional team building activities and looking for something different? Something that others have not done? Here is a list for you to try out. Yes, you’re welcome.

#1 The Voice of _____________ (*inserts company name*)

China singing contests are all the hype now, from established singers pitting their vocal skills against each other on the platform once again, to ordinary folks showcasing their amazing vocals and enjoying their one minute of fame, What about having your own version among your colleagues? Book a KTV sesh with your colleagues and make this a dream come true! Take turns being the ruthless judges (Na Ying or Harlem Yu anyone?) giving critics to each other’s singing, or simply let your boss have the honour of being the permanent judge. Certainly a one-of-a-kind team building event in Singapore isn’t it!

Fancy being the next Nathan Hartono?

fun team building activities in singapore

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What’s more, with all the Pokemon-frenzy, simply flash your Jigglypuff (a Pokemon said to have a melodious voice that sings soothing lullabies to put audience to sleep) caught in your Pokedex and enjoy a free hour on the house from Teo Heng KTV Studio! Terms and conditions apply so do check them out before heading there! Don’t say we bojio.

fun team building activities in singapore

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#2 Train to Busan

fun team building activities in singapore

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Having crossed the 10 million viewer mark in South Korea, the South Korean hit is also enjoying its success here on our shores. Train to Busan has become the highest grossing Korean movie in Singapore to date, with earnings triple that of the next best performing Korean movie, 200 Pounds Beauty in 2006. Its huge success could be attributed to the well-balanced mix of thriller, along with a touching story accompanying those action-packed scenes.

Why not arrange a movie session with your colleagues as a team building event? Get your tissues ready.

#3 Running Man (Korea/China versions)

fun team building activities in singapore

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Be it the original Korean version or Hurry Up, Brother (奔跑吧兄弟), a spin-off from the popular South Korean series. something common among the both would be the hilarious scenes, the creative games and of course, forming allies and betraying. Now we all know the flying chairs or the mud ponds are not very feasible in our context, so why not adopt something more realistic, yet fun all the same?

  • Photo Zone
fun team building activities in singapore

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A simple and absolutely hilarious game if you’ve watched the Running Man episodes. A camera propped on a tripod is needed, a marking on the ground, along with a ‘photo frame’. A small area is marked out, a large photo frame held high, and the tripod with the camera placed a short distance away. The timer of the camera is set on and participants have to fight and squeeze within the designated area on the ground and fight to be present within the photo frame by constantly jumping so that your face appears when the timer stops and the camera clicks. Really challenging!

  • Draw Down the Lane
fun team building activities in singapore

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As the name suggests, it’s essentially drawing charades. And as simple as it may sound, it turns out really funny especially with colleagues who are not exactly Picassos or Vincent van Goghs. Just check out the image above! Is that really the same rhinoceros being drawn?

  • Take your Pick

Extremely fun and easy to administer! A series of utensils are numbered 1-7 and participants are free to pick any one to complete the task. For instance, participants are required to finish a bowl of the infamous Korean spicy instant noodles. If numbers 2, 5 and 8 are picked, they are supposed to use the designated utensils to finish up that bowl of noodles. If 2 is a toothpick, 5 is a straw, then too bad. Game play is flexible and can be changed easily as well! Tea spoons, stirrer, ladle etc. can be used as well, accompanying the task of finishing up a cup of sugar-free coffee, whereby the type of utensils used determines the amount of sugar to add.

These are just some examples! There are certainly more so do incorporate the others as well which serves as an extremely engaging and fun team building activity for all!

#4 MasterChef

fun team building activities in singapore

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Activities involving eating food is always welcome. Maybe once a month, your boss (or somebody) will give a specific theme (eg. salmon, or pastries). Participants (colleagues) will then have to cook according to theme, and bring to office to share, and for some “judging”. Sounds like a really fun idea, pitting your cooking skills, and yet get to bond together over some home-cooked goodness. Get your aprons ready now!

#5 Korean/Taiwan Drama

fun team building activities in singapore

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The craze for hot/cute Korean guys (or ladies) will never be over, just admit it. With all the upcoming drama series, find your favourite scene and re-enact that with your colleagues! Sounds awkward, but it could be really fun especailly when colleagues burst out in laughter at that most crucial romantic scene. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that the tying of shoelace scene in Descendants of the Sun as a popular scene to be re-enacted.

#6 Exclusive Village Singapura Experience!

Want something less conventional, yet something fun and can serve as a fun team building event?

Team Building Singapore Venue

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-20/21 Singapore 080333 (Nearest MRT station: Chinatown)

Come and have a fun-filled team building experience at Village Singapura with your colleagues! At Village Singapura, a shop-house is revamped to look like a scene of 1930s Singapore, an excellent team building venue. Participants would be transported back in time, and get to be engaged in an exclusive and exciting team building experience.

team bonding activities in singapore

A unique live action RPG (Role Playing Game) is also available where participants get to role play as characters from the past such as merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners and many more! Participants will have to overcome challenges and earn Strait Dollars in order to survive! What’s more, there will be a special photo booth session accompanied with special props which you can make use of while posing with your fellow colleagues for a (or more) picture-perfect take!

Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

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