How to Choose Fun Team Building Activity in Singapore Based on Your Team-Mates

fun team building activities in singapore

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Pulling your hair out over planning a team building? Sure, browsing through a list is fun and gets you lots and lots of ideas. But not so fun especially if you have a deadline to meet and you’re in a rush to find the most suitable one for your company. Another trouble, accept that not everybody is the same. What suits Colleague A, may not seem like a fun idea to Colleague B. Headache again; what would then seem like the best idea so that the needs of everyone are compromised to the bare minimum? Village Singapura is here to help alleviate your problems.

Hate having to scroll through list after list of team bonding ideas YET your problem is not solved? Fret not. Village Singapura has a(n) (almost instant) solution for you with our complete team building guide.


fun team building activities in singapore

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Just how different is our list you may ask. We’ve specially identified the most pressing problem which people often encounter when planning team bonding activities, and responded accordingly. This fuss-free version has a more direct layout catering to your needs and helps you save time during your planning. Identify your problem or the category you’re most concerned about, click on the respective button and there you go! Concern addressed in half the time needed compared to scrolling down a seemingly never-ending list of great ideas. Yes, you’re welcome.

fun team building activities in singapore

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Don’t you find the above two scenarios familiar? Have colleagues who embrace the outdoors and others who would still sweat even in front of the fan? Hmm.. read on to find out some solutions we suggest for you!


Mostly Younger Participants Mostly Older Participants Indoors VS Outdoors Mostly Locals Mostly Foreigners Language Fun VS Effective

The Secret Number – Age

fun team building activities in singapore

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The idea of fun for a 20 year old definitely would not be the same as that of a 60 year old. Perhaps the younger crowd would prefer a more exciting, action-packed program? And the slightly older group would rather have a chill session, opting strategic games over chasing each other around? Or could the opposite be true instead?

Come try out our Indoor Live Role Playing Game (RPG) where participants young and old alike will have tonnes of fun!
(Young(er): perhaps around 25-35 years old; Old(er): perhaps above 40; but subjected to own discretion!)

Young(er) Participants

And our guess, younger participants would be more suitable for something that involves more action, more movement. And our Outdoor Live Role Playing Game (RPG) totally fits the bill! Besides, we have different quests for our Outdoor range of RPG for the fun and action-loving!

Old(er) Participants

Old is gold. Of course, Outdoor Live RPG may fit, but it may be quite physical. Why not try the Indoor Live Role Playing Game instead? Different game layout, but same level of fun!

It’s really hard to tell for sure and it really depends on the profile of the participants! Learn more about your colleagues’ preferences and needs before planning one!


Indoors VS Outdoors

fun team building activities in singapore

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Have colleagues who are heliophiles (a person who loves the sun)? Also have colleagues who can’t stand a moment without the air-con? Do a quick check with your colleagues! Who prefers to sweat it out and who would rather stay indoors with the cool air blowing down their necks? Do electronic fans suffice? We will customise according to your needs!


Locals? Foreigners?

fun team building activities in singapore

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Have a mix of locals and foreigners in your company? There are no differences in an integrated country like Singapore! Programs can be tweaked in accordance to the nationality of participants.

Mostly Foreigners

Having more foreigners in the participants profile, they would probably appreciate more cultural games like the pulling of the teh-tarik drink (a hot favourite among Singaporeans!) or kicking the chapteh (relieve some childhood memories of those who grew up in kampungs!). Any of our Village Singapura Experience would be suitable then.

Mostly Locals

On the other hand, with more locals, perhaps they would prefer hawker food quests or active physical type of outdoor bonding activities (though who says Singaporeans don’t enjoy kicking the chapteh and drinking some nice teh-tarik?).

Be it locals or foreigners, fret not, they will enjoy our customised activities all the same! Smiles and laughter are universal aren’t they?


Have you eaten? Chi bao le ma? Or jiak bar buey

fun team building activities in sinagpore

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Don’t want to be in the situation whereby half the participants understand what’s going on whereas the others remain clueless due to a language barrier? These situations can be really really awkward. Understand the profile of your participants! Can they understand simple English? Or would translations be needed? Would a mandarin-speaking program throughout suit them better? Ask them and let us know cos’ we’d want a fun session for all of you guys!

Fun VS Effective

fun team building activities in singapore

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Ask yourself, are you guys purely having fun, or are you tasked to incorporate some kind of learning in it, be it to reinforce company values (excellence, responsibility etc.) to build trust etc. etc.? We’ll incorporate those requests into our program specially for you!

But if the aim of the aim is purely just to have some fun together, and to bond over food and games, then anything goes! Just let it go and have a good time together with our exclusive Village Singapura Experience!


Live Action Role Playing Games (RPG)

  • INDOOR Live RPG (Quest 1)

fun team building activities in singapore

Players will be transported back to 1930s Singapore in this unique live action RPG, where they will undergo an immersive experience by role-playing as merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners, freshly arrived migrants (and many more!) Participants will have to overcome challenges (think kicking the chapteh, Chinese paper-cutting, pulling your very own teh-tarik and more!) to earn Strait Dollars for survival!

fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

Furthermore, learn more about the heritage of Singapore as participants take a walk down memory lane through the footage of New World Amusement Park back in the 1930s Singapore. Players can also get to experience some old-school games like hitting metal cans and throwing rubber band hoops! Sounds fun yeah! Relieve some childhood memories!

fun team building activities in singaporefun team building activities in singapore

What’s more, there will be a special photo booth session accompanied with special props (everything retro!) which you can make use of while posing with your fellow colleagues for a (or more) picture-perfect take!

fun team building activities in singapore

And good news folks! The Village Singapura experience is not only limited to large groups. This unique experience can also be enjoyed from as few as 4 pax (and of course, the more the merrier)! What are you waiting for? Don’t worry if it’s not a large scale team bonding event as Village Singapura is here for you, for a close-knitted and exclusive team bonding!

Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore despite the small group size doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

Need more time to think? Download this Game Outline Now!



In this quest, a wandering Samsui woman got lost in modern 2016 and wants to go back in time to 1930s. Desperate to go back in time, she needs to break into the mad professor’s house, where a time machine is housed. Participants go on a quest to pick up clues in order to unlock mad professor’s house. Through game stations and completing task at local cultural sites located within the Chinatown area, participants compete to obtain the clues and help Samsui Woman break into the mad professor’s home.

fun team building activities in singapore

Some of the missions include the Gyan Chauper (Human Snakes & Ladders Quiz): Snakes & Ladders is a game from Ancient India that is not only entertaining but teaches morality. Players’ progression up the board represent a life journey complicated by virtues(ladders) and vices(snakes). In this version, Participants themselves will be the game tokens moving in unison and when they step on snakes, they can avert the disaster of sliding down by correctly answering questions on the Indians in Singapore. Power-cards will also be added to help teams strategize and provide a twist to the game. Another mission would be the cultural sites task where participants will be engaged in puzzles, treasure hunt tasks and simple tasks like jump shots from half the team members as well as wefie shots together with monuments (such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum) in the background.

fun team building activities in singapore

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Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Serves as an excellent bonding session for both locals and foreigners alike, where participants get to tour around Singapore and learn more about the rich history behind certain landmarks. It’ll be a great way for foreigners to learn more about Singapore, and for the locals, why not take it as a retreat where you may even learn new things in your homeland you never knew about! So tie up your shoelaces and get moving!

Contact us to find out on about Village Singapura Outdoor Live RPG (Quest 2) now! 


fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

An extremely exciting quest! This is the year 2046 in Singapore. There is an outbreak of epidemic “Emptyism” where patients feel rootless and a sense of emptiness which caused mass suicide. Scientist believed that this is due to lack of hawker food which had gone extinct since 10 years ago. The Parliament decided to send 1 team of adventurers from each GRC back to 2016 to collect hawker food samples & pictures of the food to clone & mass reproduce hawker food as a wonder cure. Latest time travel technology is unstable and it is uncertain the if the time-travellers can come back safely. It is largely believed that the longer you take to go back to the time travel portal, the lower the chance of returning safely. Armed with very limited amount of Singapore Dollars used in 2016 from the museum, the adventurers set off on an epic journey across time.

fun team building activities in singapore   fun team building activities in singapore

Players undergo the following missions to collect hawker food samples & pictures of the food to clone & mass reproduce hawker food as a wonder cure. A little snippet of the adventure: players will have to find & collect popiah, curry puffs & sugar cane juice with limited money & insufficient time. They will have to strategize to find the shortest route & overcome missions such as locating hidden treasure chests.
There will also be a surprise situation, but nope, we’re not saying. Afterall, it’s a surprise isn’t it? Hop on a fun-filled journey with us to find out!

fun team building activities in singaporefun team building activities in singapore

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fun team building activities in singapore

In this highly anticipated segment, participants have to brainstorm for ideas and come up with a 1-2 minute skit, acting out a scene of setting up a mama-shop back in the olden days Singapore. Cards with information about Singapore’s history were also given out to participants for them to have a better understanding of Singapore’s past so as to better create their plot for their skit. It was definitely a fresh and fun experience as participants came up with creative story lines and dressed each other up as famous historical characters such as Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles.

In addition, company values can be incorporated into the skits with some modifications. That’s where participants not only have fun acting, they have to use all their creative juices, and incorporate a specific company value into their skit. Challenging, but fun. Also, each team had to come up with a one-of-a-kind Village pose for a group photo. From our experience, participants were totally immersed in their characters from the skit and they sure had fun experimenting with creative poses together as well!

fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

Here’s something to illustrate!

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