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Hall of the Nine Dragons- Venues: Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

This is a refreshing & unique place to both foreigners & locals for your team bonding in Singapore. Built in 1928, Hall of the Nine Dragons is a beautiful building that oozes of history. It is a Chinese Clan House for all the Lin Clansmen in Singapore. Explore the finely-decorated interiors & indulge in an authentic taste of Old Singapore.

The Village Singapura ™ Experience will take place within the compound of the Hall of the Nine Dragons but outside of the Main Hall. Hence, if due to religious preference, participants prefer not to enter the Main Hall or visit the 2nd floor of the Hall, the experience will not be affected in any ways. For these participants, we will provide pictures & a guided sharing to provide information on the Chinese Cultural elements inside the Hall.

Should you have any concerns, please contact us so that we can better address your concerns. The picture and map below shows the sheltered area on the Ground Floor that we will use for team bonding.

venue.Hall of the Nine Dragons- Venues Team Bonding Activities in Singapore

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During the period of the Warring States, Lim Gao, a notable Lim Clansmen, was the Prime Minister of the State of Zhao. He has 9 capable sons that served as Officials and they were known as the Nine Dragons. Their home were known as the Hall of the Nine Dragons. Thereafter, their descendants that settled in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-East Asia name their Clan Halls as Hall of the Nine Dragons. This is how how the Hall of Nine Dragons in Singapore looks like.

venue.Hall of the Nine Dragons- Venues Team Bonding Activities in Singapore.Outside

This building showcases architectural styles of both East and the West. On the ground floor, there are numerous Chinese Architectural Elements such as the Stone Lions and the Door Gods on the door. Do you know that the pair of Stone Lions are of different gender? To tell them apart, the female lion will have a lion cub beneath her foot. Fun facts like these will be shared on our guided learning journey as part of the Village Singapura ™ Experience. Right beside the Stone Lions, you can find majestic columns. The Hall of Nine Dragon creates an impressive backdrop for our team bonding activities as we create an interactive theatrical experience that brings you back to 1890 Singapore.

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Upon entering the Main Hall on the Ground Floor, one will be surrounded by Chinese cultural artefacts and cultural elements that leaves a big impression on the visitor. The entire hall is filled with ancestral tablets, a part of the important Chinese cultural traditions of ancestral worship. Chinese Calligraphy, in the form of Chinese Characters that represents important Chinese values are hanging on the wall. These include loyalty, filial piety & integrity. The floor is covered with old & beautiful tiles. Surrounded by the light humming sounds from the swirling of the rickety ceiling fans & a slight cooling breeze in your face, you get an unmistakeable sense that you have stepped into a different era. This creates the mood for our team bonding activities set in 1890 Singapore.

venue.Hall of the Nine Dragons- Venues Team Bonding Activities in Singapore.Main hall

On the second floor, you will find even more old tiles, vases and statues of deities. This area is for religious worship. The main deity here is Ma Zhu, the Goddess of the Sea. Ma Zhu is a very important deity for the Chinese, especially so for the Chinese who resides in the coastal cities in Singapore, South East Asia, Taiwan and Southern China. The Lin Clansmen who have survived the arduous sea voyage from China to Singapore will give thanks to Ma Zhu for her protection has kept them safe on the voyage here.

Find out more on our team building activities in Singapore, browse other venues for team bonding activities in Singapore or contact us if you have any questions.

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