Management’s Checklist of Objectives for Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Checklist of Objectives for Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore


By Isabelle Onn

Choosing the right team building company to engage for your organization can be quite a feat especially if you want to be sure that your choice meets management’s expectations. Over in Village Singapura, we have spoken to corporate clients to find out what they look out for when they look for team building activities in Singapore. And here we’re sharing a checklist of objectives to consider when selecting the ideal team building company for a meaningful and fun-filled experience!

Clear Goals and Purposes


#1 Clear Purposes and Common Goals

Well-designed games with clear purposes and common goals for the participants to work towards together during their fun team building activities in Singapore is a fundamental requirement. After all, no one wants to waste their time and money on a session whereby they have no idea what’s going on, isn’t it?

Together Everyone Achieves More through Team Building Activities in Singapore


#2 Challenges that Require Teamwork

Challenging games such that no individual can complete it alone, requiring the team to work together, cooperate and help each other out in order to succeed. The take home from this is the experience of having performed well together, which hopefully increase their desire to cooperate and support co-workers at work.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging through Team Building Activities in Singapore


#3 All Employees Are Included

Ensuring that all employees’ needs are as far as possible met in their team building, such as choosing games that the employees are happy to participate in and no one is left out due to the activity being too physically strenuous etc. At Village Singapura, we cater to a healthy range of employee preferences and needs. Those who prefer less physically demanding activities, or prefer to stay in the air-conditioned environment throughout the session, are pregnant, or handicapped can take part too! This is so as to foster a sense of belonging towards the organization, as it feels nice to know that their co-workers care for them through addressing their preferences and needs! Moreover, halal and vegetarian food options are available, and we are happy to attend to a request for alcohol as well!

Networking at Team Building Activities in Singapore


#4 Create Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities for newcomers to get to know their older colleagues, some of whom they hardly get to interact with at work because they are located in different departments or offices are made available through team building activities. This potentially helps streamline the processing of work requests back in the workplace, as people tend to be more eager to help someone they have met as opposed to someone seem like a random stranger sending an email request. Ultimately, participating in team bonding activities can enhance work efficiency in a subtle way!

Promote Healthy Work Relationships through Team Building Activities in Singapore


#5 Enhance Working Relationship

An outside of office opportunity to break out of the workplace rank labels of being senior or junior, leader or team member is also made available in a laughter-filled atmosphere. This helps enhance the relationship between co-workers through their bonding session!

Improve Workplace Communication through Team Building Activities in Singapore


#6 Improve Communication between Co-Workers

Improved communication and better cooperation between co-workers are probably the top reasons why management promote team building. Everyone wants a friendly work environment, where co-workers are comfortable to communicate with each other, develop a deep understanding of one another, and build healthy and friendly working relationships.

Offering a Helping Hand


#7 Promote an Attitude of Helpfulness

Promote an attitude of helpfulness and enhance workplace efficiency through cooperation between co-workers. We set the stage for better workplace cooperation by rewarding those who help others or help make the experience a pleasant one for everyone, on top of rewarding the winning teams during their team bonding session!.

Matching your Budget for Team Building Activities in Singapore


#8 Budget-Friendly

Due to a tight budget, some managers are looking for cheap team building activities in Singapore. Thankfully, funding is available from IRAS under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme, the National Integration Council under the Community Integration Fund (CIF), and the Singapore Tourism Board, subject to their respective terms & conditions.

Village Singapura: Fun Team Activities in Singapore

#9 Fun-Filled and Relaxing Experience

A good fun, laughter-filled and relaxing experience is another takeaway that management seeks from participating in unique team building activities in Singapore. Village Singapura designs activities that are fun to both the old and young, foreigners and locals such as the cultural trail and role playing games that we offer. Participants are brought back in time to Old Singapore to test their suitability to be an assistant to the head chef in an Indian restaurant, allowing them to learn about Indian spices and recipes; learn the art of Chinese character paper-cutting; and visit a Chapteh factory to test the quality of the products manufactured through a gameplay! Our past clients have told us that they love their experiences with Village Singapura! It is meaningful and, unlike the ones they had gone through in previous years!

Reflections at the End of Team Building Activities in Singapore


#10 Reflect on How to Apply Team Spirit at Work

A sense that the event was “time well spent” is another key objective that we aim to meet here at Village Singapura. Unlike most fun team building activities in Singapore, instead of rushing through the games, we pace ourselves to allow time between game sessions to absorb the takeaways. At the end of the day, a reflection session is also hosted so that the participants can have some quiet time to think about how they can improve to be a more trustworthy and supportive co-worker to colleagues, a better employee acting in the company’s interests and most importantly, how they can be a better person for their own personal development.

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