Principles Behind Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore that Works

Paper Cutting: Unique Team Building Activities in Singapore

By Isabelle Onn

Are you checking out ideas for your corporate team building activities in Singapore? Are you looking for unique team building activities in Singapore, unlike the ones you have been through in previous years? Scratching your head over which local team building companies to engage for your organization? Let us take you through some of the principles behind effective team building and the practices that we apply here at Village Singapura to help make your decision making process an easier one!

Breaking the Ice through Team Building Activities in Singapore


# 1 Setting the Stage for Open Communication

Ice breaker games are typically the first set of events that kicks off in fun team building activities in Singapore, but what exactly makes ours different from the crowd? At Village Singapura, we aim to set the tone right for the gradual development of open communication, understanding, trust and empathy at the workplace, by encouraging participants to open up.

Having a Common Goal: Team Building Activities in Singapore


# 2 Establishing a Common Goal

Through integrating the organization’s values into the fun team building activities in Singapore, a common goal is established for the participants to work toward. And in the process of moving in the same direction, we hope to foster a trust between the participants to be interdependent on each other and also learn to be trustworthy individuals themselves, who are supportive towards their team, while having fun in a relaxing and engaging atmosphere.

Fun Workplace Competition


#  3 Realizing that Competition is Just for Fun

Renewing participants’ mindsets, which includes realizing that competition is just for fun and for bragging rights during their fun team building activities in Singapore helps promote workplace cohesion, which is one of our goals here at Village Singapura. Actual workplace competition between co-workers, departments or offices, in excessive amounts, may bring more harm than good for the organization. This is especially so when attachment for material gains, career promotions are pursued at the cost of co-workers’ livelihood and organizational work efficiency, ethics, and reputation. This is why we encourage participants to cheer and clap for their co-workers, and other morale-boosting practices, during the game sessions to yet again pave the way for such pleasant behavior to continue on even at the workplace.

Recognizing our Humanity through Team Building Activities in Singapore


# 4 Recognizing that We All Are Only Humans

As part of our stand for Memento Mori, a Latin phrase for “Remember your Mortality,” we wish to remind participants that every one of us is a mere human being. Through a crisis scenario, we attempt to knock out common workplace misconceptions, such as the belief that the leader must solve all problems without support from the rest of the team; the perceived right of a single human to impose on co-workers to change their personalities, when changes are best self-motivated instead; the perceived right to blame co-workers for procedural or system errors, where the solution lies in improving the procedures or system instead; and the perceived need to take sides between departments, when everyone is really working for the same organization. This serves to wipe out undesirable perceptions and make room for healthy beliefs.

Fostering Harmony through Team Bonding Activities in Singapore


# 5 Sending Out the Harmony Message

We create an opportunity for participants to bond outside of the office to let them experience the amazing feeling of living in harmony with co-workers. Through subtly inducing the display of positive, respectful and encouraging behaviors during the game sessions, we hope that similar practices will be exercise at the workplace that will further cultivate the sense of harmony in the office.

Fostering a Sense of Belong through Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore


# 6 Fostering a Sense of Belonging

A sense of belonging is also fostered by leaving no one behind. Our team building activities are held indoors, in fully air-conditioned rooms and the games are not physically strenuous so all participants, be it the pregnant, handicapped or elderly can take part. Moreover, halal and vegetarian meal options are available to cater to various dietary preferences. We hope that participants would feel that their personal preferences and special requirements are understood with empathy and respect by their organizations. And that it means that the organization values them as unique contributing individuals within the company and society. We, at Village Singapura, do our part to deliver this key message to the participants by ensuring that the special requirements and preferences are met in the team building activities.

Old Singapore: Village Singapura Team Building Activities in Singapore

# 7 Simply Enjoy the Fun and Games

Unlike other cheap team building activities in Singapore, Village Singapura chip in to the unique team building activities in Singapore by bringing the participants back in time to Old Singapore. We revisit forgotten cultural practices and things that make us uniquely Singapore through role playing to quality as an assistant to the head chef in an Indian restaurant, experiencing the scent of Indian spices and learn Indian food recipes in the process; visiting a Chapteh factory, a recollection of Singaporean’s childhood game; and learning the craft of paper-cutting Chinese characters. They serve to introduce some of Singapore’s most beautiful traditional practices to foreign participants, remind local participants of our roots, create the opportunity to reminiscence pleasant old times through role playing games and have a laughter-filled team building experience.

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