Build-A-Bike (CSR)

Program Highlights

Hopping on a bus or train to travel to work is a norm for every Singaporeans, but having a bicycle to ride has always been a lifetime’s dream for some children. Through Build-A-Dream, every team will be challenged to correctly assemble a brand new bicycle.

The teams will work their way to solve interactive problem-solving challenges and puzzles to “earn” the bolts and nuts as well as tools to assemble the bicycles. With the resources, the team will then assemble the bicycle within a limited time frame while judges imposed strict quality control inspections.

The sharing of resources, expertise and fast-paced timeline will guarantee a great sense of achievement as they pass the rigorous safety checks. Not to miss, the emotional finale of the arrival of the real “recipients”, a group of underprivileged children, receiving their new mode of transport, this bring joy and satisfaction to both parties.

Characteristics : Indoor

Venue : Depends on group size

Main focus : Bonding, Collaboration, Creativity, Leadership, Planning, Problem-Solving, Communication

Group Size : 20  to 250

Duration : 2 to 4 hours

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What you say about us / Testimonials

moh raymond

“I enjoyed thoroughly the Village Singapura experience which is very very worth. Good job and well done!”
– Raymond Chua, Group Director, Health Products Regulation Group, Ministry Of Health *Elton double check* (9th Jan 2017)

istana benny

“Just had an interesting morning with Village Singapura. The experience was very engaging and I find the activities very interesting and brought out a lot of fun. Definitely will look forward to coming back again with other friends of mine.”
– Benny Lee, Principal Private Secretary to the President, President’s Office, Istana (29th Dec 2016)

yamaha 2
“I have enjoyed the activity here today. The most interesting thing is that we get to learn about the traditional local culture. I found the Drama Mama segment very interesting, enjoyable, and very helpful for our team building activity. It was a little bit challenging for the team, but every team did so well. It was a very well-designed game.”
– Ishii Takeo, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Asia-Pacific, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore (10th July 2015)

yamaha 1

“Yes it’s effective. I think it was the best event over the past 2 years. (Previously), I joined the same kind of event, but this year, it’s the best! Everybody understood the purpose, the direction, and the intention of the event. It was the most effective.”
– Nakajima Nobuhiko, Assistant Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore (10th July 2015)

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