Escape Room 

Program Highlights

Teleport into a fantasy world with your best team, handling cool gadgets and props to complete the mission allocated. As part of the story’s characters, everyone in the team will have work hand-in-hand to solve mysteries and uncover secrets to complete the game.

Each team will be given 2 to 3 challenges that include numerous tasks and puzzles which eventually add up to a more complex mystery. The challenges will be in accordance with the theme set – SWAT team winning over terrorists who have planted a bomb in the subway station, or Prison break to save your trusted comrades and many other such as The Dark Mansion and Venture in Space.

Not only that, the large painting can be displayed in the office as a team-bonding symbol

CharacteristicsIndoor, Low to medium physical intensity

Venue : Depends on group size

Main focus : Bonding, Communication, Fun, Collaboration, Overcoming Challenges in Group, Leadership

Group Size : 8 and above

Duration : 2 hours (at specified location)

3 hours (offsite)


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What you say about us / Testimonials

moh betty

“Today is our retreat, we really had fun this afternoon and we really enjoyed in the 3 activities – the chapteh, Indian spices and Chinese paper cutting. The time was just right, and I’m glad that we got to know each other better so it’s great, and overall it was a fun experience.”
– Betty, *ask Elton*, Ministry Of Health (9th Jan 2017)

moh peter

“This is really a very interesting program that Village Singapura has organised, very nostalgic. This is also a timely reflection of the old challenges and works of Singapore and Singaporeans have gone through, which we managed to experience through the games. So very good work done by the team!”
– Peter Lee, Deputy Director for Licensing, Inspection & Audit, Ministry Of Health (9th Jan 2017)


“Yeah. Definitely. The activities organised by Village Singapura was very interactive, very diverse. It really reflected the value of diversity which we try to embody in our company, in BP. Yes, I highly recommend it, especially for big teams, their different stations where they do different challenges. It’s full of surprises as well. So we get to learn about ourselves and also other people. It’s highly recommended. Thanks for having us!”
– Miles Horca ,Head Of HR, Shipping Eastern Hemisphere and Maritime Employment Businesses at BP (18th Nov 2016)

bp 1

“It’s an awesome programme. We loved it. And we knew about Singapore and not only our friends out there, we can do a great skit. Great programme.”
– Kumar ,HR Business Partner, IST, Eastern Hemisphere at BP (18th Nov 2016)

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