LIVE action RPG (LARP) Quest 1- Survivor: 1930s Singapore

Program Highlights

Have fun team bonding with your colleagues & friends in Singapore with this innovative team bonding activity. Players will be transported back to 1930s Singapore in this unique live action RPG. Undergo an immersive experience by roleplaying as merchants, rickshaw pullers and freshly arrived migrants! The Great Depression has struck and players will need to earn Strait Dollars, and find jobs to survive. Overcome challenges in the quest for survival by learning Chinese paper cutting, recognising Indian spices and mastering the game of Chapteh. Through living out the life of an individual in 1930s Singapore, players experience about life back then. .

Characteristics : Indoor, Low to Medium level of physical activity

Venue : Suggested location is Chinatown.

Main focus : Bonding, Coordination, Leadership, Communication, Fun

Group Size : 8 to 50

Duration : 2 to 3 hours


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What you say about us / Testimonials

istana benny “Just had an interesting morning with Village Singapura. The experience was very engaging and I find the activities very interesting and brought out a lot of fun. Definitely will look forward to coming back again with other friends of mine.” – Benny Lee, Principal Private Secretary to the President, President’s Office, Istana (29th Dec 2016)

yamaha 1 “Yes it’s effective. I think it was the best event over the past 2 years. (Previously), I joined the same kind of event, but this year, it’s the best! Everybody understood the purpose, the direction, and the intention of the event. It was the most effective.” – Nakajima Nobuhiko, Assistant Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore (10th July 2015)

yamaha 2 “I have enjoyed the activity here today. The most interesting thing is that we get to learn about the traditional local culture. I found the Drama Mama segment very interesting, enjoyable, and very helpful for our team building activity. It was a little bit challenging for the team, but every team did so well. It was a very well-designed game.” – Ishii Takeo, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Asia-Pacific, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore (10th July 2015)

moh raymond “I enjoyed thoroughly the Village Singapura experience which is very very worth. Good job and well done!” – Raymond Chua, Group Director, Health Products Regulation Group, Ministry Of Health *Elton double check* (9th Jan 2017)

Welcome your foreign colleagues with hands-on experience of Singapore

Go beyond team building. Let your foreign colleagues experience Singapore with a novel LIVE action role playing game where they get hands-on experiences of the traditions of Singapore by playing as characters in 1930s Singapore.

Closer bonding:

Fun & memorable time travel experience

Our unique venue has been modelled and furnished based on a home in the 1930s Singapore. Interact with unusual game characters and relive 1930s Singapore. This unique experience creates unforgettable memories that strengthen bonding and friendships.

Immersive experience

We have since 2012 created unique experiences that have captivated more than 2000 players. We do this through our original concepts, handcrafted props and in-depth historical research by National Heritage Board volunteer guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Village Singapura®?
Village Singapura ® creates unforgettable experiences through traditions and culture. Through our travels, we explored different cultures around the world but ended up discovering more about ourselves. We found this meaningful but inaccessible. Hence, we aspire to convey the same impact through the accessible, fun experiences that we create.
What is a Live Action Role Playing Game?
Players will portray as characters set in a historical context.  The overall experience and story is designed and guided by us, but player’s action will affect the storyline and gameplay. Players will interact with many unique characters, and will need to overcome challenges in pursuit of the character’s objectives.
What is required of me?
Participants need to only book a slot and head down to our premises, we will take care of the rest. We will provide the props, costumes and ambiance for the Live Action RPG.

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