Team Bonding Activities for Small Groups in Singapore – Let’s Break the Ice!


team bonding activities in singapore

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Always feel that there’s a something missing, some distance between you and your colleagues and want to put a stop to those awkward small talks with your colleagues? We understand that things may get awkward especially between a small group of colleagues, always running out of topics to talk about.

Feel closer to your colleagues from now on and bond together with our simple and fun ice breaker games! Small talks during lunch will now go beyond discussing about the weather forecast. And yes, you’re welcome.

#1 2 Truths & 1 Lie

team building activities in singapore

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A really easy game to start off with and to break the ice among awkward colleagues in the beginning!

To kick-start the process of getting to know each other, a round of short introduction can be done at the start first. Every team member will mentally think of 2 truths and 1 lie about himself/herself and keep that information to himself/herself, without letting the others know. Once everyone is done, each member will take turns to list out the 3 pieces of information he/she has thought of previously and the others will guess which are the truths and which is the lie.

Let everyone make their own guesses first and engage in some form of discussion before revealing the answer! This game encourages better communication among colleagues, as well as it lets you get to know them better!

#2 Helium Hoop

team building activities in singapore

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Never understood the power of a hula hoop. After this simple team building activity, you’ll never see a hula hoop the same again. This is a really quick game of ice breaker and really requires a lot of team work! The objective of this game is to lower the hula hoop to the ground. Rule: Every member must touch the hoop only with their index finger, at all times.

Sounds easy? Try it, and think again.

#3 Salt and Pepper

This is a really fun and simple game to get people talking while eliminating all possible awkwardness!

team building activities in singapore

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Firstly, think of several likely and amusing pairs of words such as “salt & pepper”, “pancake & syrup”, “Mario & Luigi”, “hotdog & bun” etc., and write them down on 2 separate pieces of paper. Next, jumble the pairings up and paste them onto the backs of every team member. Now, they cannot see what’s written on their backs and they need to find their respective pairs by talking to others! The only rule: they can only ask yes or no questions. Extremely fun and entertaining! Builds communication skills among members as well and definitely helps break the ice!.

#4 Who? What?

team building activities singapore

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A game that is simple to conduct and allows colleagues to learn more about each other! Divide the group into 2 teams whereby they will sit together as a group facing each other, separated by a sheet of blanket in the middle (as seen in the diagram). Each member on both teams will take turns to introduce their names (if colleagues are already familiar with each other’s names, skip this step!) and their favourite food. Each team will then discreetly send one representative to the front, and once the blanket is pulled down, the member from each respective team has to shout out their opponent’s name and favourite food (for example: Benjamin Bibimbap! or Pauline Chicken rice! etc.). This is a really fun and exciting game, and lets you learn more about your colleagues! Start thinking of your most complicated favourite food now to increase the level of difficulty of this game!

Besides, different rules can be introduced in subsequent rounds instead of just favourite food! Examples would include: favourite country, favourite colour, where he/she lives etc.! It’s all up to you to improvise and have fun!

#5 Exclusive Village Singapura Experience!

Team Building Singapore Venue

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-20/21 Singapore 080333 (Nearest MRT station: Chinatown)

What about trying something different and have a fun-filled team building experience at Village Singapura! At Village Singapura, a shop-house is revamped to look like a scene of 1930s Singapore, an excellent team building venue. Participants would be transported back in time, and get to be engaged in an exclusive team building experience.

team bonding activities in singapore

A unique live action RPG (Role Playing Game) is also available where participants get to role play as characters from the past such as merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners and many more! Participants will have to overcome challenges and earn Strait Dollars in order to survive! What’s more, there will be a special photo booth session accompanied with special props which you can make use of while posing with your fellow colleagues for a (or more) picture-perfect take!

And good news folks! The Village Singapura experience is not only limited to team building for large groups. This unique experience can also be enjoyed from as few as 4 pax! What are you waiting for? Don’t worry if it’s not a large scale team bonding event as Village Singapura is here for you, for a close-knitted and exclusive team bonding!

Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore despite the small group size doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

Click here to organize team bonding activities with Village Singapura now! 


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