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Work can sometimes be really mundane, being desk-bound for hours. Especially the after-lunch food coma. We totally understand that. Find that just getting up to stretch/walking to the toilet doesn’t really take your mind off from work/all those emails and still feeling lethargic?

Fret not. Cos’ here are some short and exciting energisers for you and your colleagues to have a good laugh, and to get rid of the fatigue. Play on and get all pumped up for work! Cheers!


#1 Giant Wizard Dwarf

Similar to the scissors paper stone game, but a modified one on a larger scale, and more hilarious. This is a very fun and engaging energiser that would sure perk up everyone on a hot sunny afternoon cooped up in the office!

fun team building games in singapore

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First, the group is divided into 2 groups, one group on each side of the room. Each group is supposed to discuss within their own groups on which characters to be (either giant, wizard or dwarf) during each round. When the game starts, each team will form a line opposite each other, with their backs facing each other. When the “GO” signal is shouted, each team will jump and face the other team, simultaneously doing the specified actions as discussed within their own groups earlier on.

The types of actions/sounds required for each character as well as the winning criteria are elaborated below!

Quick guide:

fun team building games in singapore

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  • Giants:

Each person would tip-toe with both hands raised, and make a growling (“roarrrrrrrrrrrr…”) sound.

  • Wizard:

Each person crouches slightly with hands moving (with all fingers wriggling), and make a wizard-like (“shazaaaaaam”) sound, as if casting a spell.

  • Dwarf:

Each person gets down low (maybe in a squatting position), with their hands behind their ears, and make a high-pitched sound like “eeeeeeeee”.

Giants defeat the dwarfs as the giants are capable of squashing the dwarfs.

Dwarfs defeat wizards as they are small and can chew on their feet.

Wizards defeat giants by zapping them with their spells.

(If both teams displayed the same character, the game will re-start.)

As soon as they act out their character, the winning team will try to grab as many members from the losing team as possible to join their own team, whereas the losing team tries to retreat back to their own side as fast as possible to prevent getting caught.

Definitely an awesome and fun team building game!

#2 HA. HA. HA.

fun team building games in singapore

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A very quick energiser filled with tons and tons of laughter! Players sit in a circle facing each other. The first person will start off saying “HA”, the second says “HAHA”, the third one “HAHAHA” and so on. If the player says the wrong number of “HAs” (laughs), the he/she has a strike one (3 strikes to a forfeit!). The game continues at that point.

Increase the difficulty by increasing the pace of the game and you’ll be sure to see some hilarious moments and frustrated colleagues! Go ahead and have a good laugh with your colleagues HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

#3 Toothless Vegetables (or fruits)

fun team building games in singapore

Boy toothless with big carrot vegetable smiling

An extremely easy energiser to conduct! Players will sit in a circle and take turns to call out a fruit or vegetable without showing their teeth. Also, items said should not be repeated. Show a single tooth or let out a laugh and you get a forfeit. Start brainstorming now! Not only the type of fruit/vegetable, but also on how to say the name out without showing your teeth while keeping a straight face. Have fun!

#4 Fox and Rabbit

fun team building games in singapore

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This energiser requires 2 scarves (or neckties). Participants will sit in a circle. 1 scarf is called “fox” and the other “rabbit”. Start by choosing the “fox” and the “rabbit” who are seated opposite to each other in the circle. For “fox”, the scarf/necktie must be tied (and then untied to pass to the next player) around the neck with 1 knot whereas “rabbit” must be tied with 2 knots, before passing the scarf/necktie to the next player sitting beside. The scarves/neckties should travel in the same direction in the circle. The “fox” only has to tie 1 knot, so it’ll move faster than the “rabbit”! Thus, the “rabbit” has to tie and untie speedily to escape from the “fox”! Keep up your pace folks!

#5 Where’s my type?

fun team building games in singapore

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For this energiser, each participant will be randomly given a slip of paper with an animal written on it. (tip: use as many animals as desired depending on how many small groups you would like to have!). Participants are then blindfolded and shifted and scattered around randomly in different parts of the room. Participants are then to make the noise of their given animal, and by the sense of hearing (and making the sound of the respective animal), find out where are their fellow species of the same anima and stay close together as a groupl. A real energiser in the midst of tapping away furiously on your computer with the making of animal sounds and moving about!

#6 Exclusive Village Singapura Experience!

Need something more and something that lasts longer than an energiser to bond further with your colleagues?

Team Building Singapore Venue

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-20/21 Singapore 080333 (Nearest MRT station: Chinatown)

Come and have a fun-filled team building experience at Village Singapura with your colleagues! At Village Singapura, a shop-house is revamped to look like a scene of 1930s Singapore, an excellent team building venue. Participants would be transported back in time, and get to be engaged in an exclusive and exciting team building experience.

team bonding activities in singapore

A unique live action RPG (Role Playing Game) is also available where participants get to role play as characters from the past such as merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners and many more! Participants will have to overcome challenges and earn Strait Dollars in order to survive! What’s more, there will be a special photo booth session accompanied with special props which you can make use of while posing with your fellow colleagues for a (or more) picture-perfect take!

And good news folks! The Village Singapura experience is not only limited to team building for large groups. This unique experience can also be enjoyed from as few as 4 pax! What are you waiting for? Don’t worry if it’s not a large scale team bonding event as Village Singapura is here for you, for a close-knitted and exclusive team bonding!

Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore despite the small group size doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

Click here to organize team bonding activities with Village Singapura now! 


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