Team Bonding Activities in Singapore – Best in SG, JB, and some say Batam


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Team bonding knows no boundaries. Take team bonding to a whole new level when it takes place outside of (but not too far away from) our sunny island! Want to venture further with your colleagues out of Singapore but not too far away? Fret not. Look through our guide of team bonding activities which are a stone’s throw away from our shores – the best in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam. Don’t play play okay.

Say what? Team bonding boleh!

#1 Go-Kart ING in JB

team bonding activities

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Always have the secret desire to try out that feeling of exhilaration (not on the roads of Singapore of course) racing with your colleagues on a go-kart but have to work within a budget? Try Permas Go-kart in JB and make your fantasy (as well as your colleagues’) come true!

Rental services for go-kart beginners come along with professional guidance as well! Besides, Permas Go-Kart is conveniently located within 30min away from the Singapore-JB checkpoint. Zoom your way to closer bonds forged with your fellow colleagues! Vroom vroom!

#2 JB: Gunung Pulai Waterfall

team bonding activities

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Immerse yourself in the midst of nature, listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall, the singing of the birds, and the creaking of cicadas.

team bonding activities

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In case you’re wondering, “Gunung” means mountain in Malay. The Gunung Pulai Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Johor Bahru and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss such a magnificent sight! Keep your eyes peeled and look out for the other smaller less prominent waterfalls!

 Enjoy this piece of calm with your colleagues while strolling through the lush greenery and it could really be a good and relaxing bonding time!

#3 Batam Cable-Skiing

team bonding activities

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Sounds like a foreign term? No worries. Cable Ski is essentially water skiing whereby the skier is being pulled by an overhead cable (suspended overhead about 8m-12m above the water surface by specifically designed pylons) instead of a speeding boat. A major advantage Cable Skiing has would be that it is relatively affordable as there are no expensive motorboats involved!

team bonding activities

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The cable now certainly means something more to skiers of various ages and skill-level. Give it a go and have a splashing good time with your colleagues!

#4 Exclusive Village Singapura Experience!

Team Building Singapore Venue

What about trying something different and have a fun-filled team building experience at Village Singapura! At Village Singapura, a shop-house is revamped to look like a scene of 1930s Singapore, an excellent team building venue. Participants would be transported back in time, and get to be engaged in an exclusive team building experience.

team bonding activities in singapore

A unique live action RPG (Role Playing Game) is also available where participants get to role play as characters from the past such as merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners and many more! Participants will have to overcome challenges and earn Strait Dollars in order to survive! What’s more, there will be a special photo booth session accompanied with special props which you can make use of while posing with your fellow colleagues for a (or more) picture-perfect take!

Sounds like a fresh and interesting idea for some team bonding in Singapore doesn’t it?

Are you up for the challenge? Wait no more!

Click here to organize team bonding activities with Village Singapura now! 


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