Team Building Activities in Singapore for 100 People

Most team building activities cannot accommodate 100 people all at once and even if they are able to, options are very limited. Even after half a day of research and you’ve finally found an activity that can accommodate a hundred people, it may probably turn out to be a (boring) workshop or a movie screening, which would be a major turn-off for many of your colleagues as it doesn’t provide much interactions among participants, totally defeating the purpose of the team bonding.

To counter this, we provided several activities below, which of course, firstly fulfilled the criteria of accommodating approximately a hundred people, and at the same time satisfied the criteria of fun, engaging, and definitely, memorable.

Team building for 100 people? No fear. Who says large groups can’t have fun? In fact, the more the merrier. Read on.

#1 Skyline Luge at Sentosa

fun team building activities in singapore

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The latest IN thing in Singapore! Skyline Lunge Sentosa provides a thrilling and unique corporate team building like no other! The Luge is a special wheeled gravity ride which allows participants to zoom along purpose-built tracks at their own desired speed. You can either engage in a mini-race among yourselves, or simply cruise down the tracks and admire the scenery along the way. After an intense/chill Luge ride, hope on the Skyride chairlift and take in the magnificent panoramic scenery of Sentosa coastline and even the Singapore skyline. How relaxing is that!

fun team building activities in singapore

Best thing? It caters for various group sizes with exclusive corporate rates when you enquire with them. Really an awesome team building for large groups! Check out how much fun you can have in the video below!


#2 Singapore Laughter Yoga 

fun team building activities in singapore

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Did you know that we laugh almost 300 times in a day as a child, but as we become an adult, we only laugh 30 times in an entire day. *gasp*

Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) involves prolonged voluntary laughter done in groups, and helps people, especially stressed out business people reduce stress encountered in the workplace, creating a workforce that is happy and energetic. Furthermore, this improves efficiency and concentration. This innovative concept has been quickly gaining popularity in more than 100 countries where the corporate world is learning how to laugh even in the face of adversities. Laughter Yoga Singapore is truly a special team building for large groups where everyone can relax, take a deep breathe, and yes, laugh together. Never underestimate the power of such a seemingly simple activity! It is actually really powerful!

fun team building activities in singapore

Picture Source: Vyasa Yoga in Singapore

Laugh now! Laughter, is really contagious.

#3 Village Singapura Outdoor Live Action Role Playing Games  – QUEST 2 & 3


fun team building activities in singapore

Participants are tasked to embark on a quest to collect clues to help the Samsui woman who are lost in 2016 to return back to the 1930s. These clues will help unlock the mad professor’s house to obtain the time machine, which will then help to turn back time to allow the Samsui women to return back to 1930s Singapore where they came from.


fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

This quest takes place in 2046 Singapore, where there is an outbreak of an epidemic called Emptyism (where patients feel a sense of emptiness leading to increased suicide cases, and this is believed to be caused by a lack of hawker food which had been extinct for a decade). As a result, participants are tasked to go on an adventure to collect samples of hawker food which will be cloned and mass produced to be used as a cure for those infected with Emptyism.

Some of the missions include the Gyan Chauper, an entertaining game from ancient India which also teaches morality. It is better known as the Human Snakes & Ladders Quiz where in our Village Singapura special edition, participants are game tokens themselves and will have to answer a series of culture-related questions to avoid having to slip down the slippery snakes just like the original game! Sounds really exciting! Other missions will include treasure hunting tasks, puzzles, more exotic ones like taking jump shots and more, which you will only find out if you come experience it yourself!

fun team building activities in singapore

Another little snippet of the mission: participants will have to hunt for local delights such as curry puff, chicken rice, popiah and more! Besides, this has to be done within a limited time and also with limited amount of money! Also, there will be a surprise mission which yes, you’ve guessed it right, we will not be disclosing. Hop on this fun-filled journey with us now to find out!

fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

Despite it being largely outdoors, our RPG is not limited to small groups! Large groups of participants are welcome to enquire and participate as well! In fact, the more people involved, the more fun it will be. Team building for large groups would no longer be a problem. So enquire now and get a free instant quote to embark on this exciting journey with us!

#4 Drama Mama @ Village Singapura


In this segment which require lots of creative juices, participants have to work together and brainstorm for ideas to perform a skit involving snippets of life back in the 1930s Singapore (think the setting up of a mama shop, migrants arriving in Singapore etc.). To facilitate brainstorming, cards with information about Singapore’s history would be given to participants as an aid, so that they can create a more realistic and engaging plot. This will definitely be a fun and refreshing experience for participants who will get to dressed up as famous historical characters such as Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles.

fun team building activities in singapore

fun team building activities in singapore

After which, participants would be given time to pose with our wide array of retro props at our exclusive photo booth. Through this, participants would be able to bring home with them a photo which will be an excellent memory of how much fun they had during the bonding session!

fun team building activities in singapore

Similarly, this fun is not only limited to small groups but extend to large groups of participants as well! This exclusive Village Singapura experience would totally be a top choice for company team building activities in Singapore for many companies! Choose fun, choose Village Singapura now!

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