Team Building Activities in Singapore – The Istana

It was a great end to 2016, where Village Singapura had the honour to be the chosen vendor to help the people at Istana conclude the year with a fantastic team building in Singapore. Check out what fun they had!

Team building event highlights:

  • Designed fun icebreakers which enabled participants to know each other better
  • Participants shared individual aspirations in a light-hearted manner
  • Aligned a common goal
  • Created opportunities for inter-departmental bonding
  • Fun time during the Drama Mama segment



Don’t be shy, say hello!

Regardless of the size of the company or organisation, it is common to find that all of you may be working in the same building, yet not know each other (personally), or worse, did not even know the existence of each other. To make the working environment a more friendly one, we hope that through this event, participants were grouped randomly across departments, to promote bonding across departments. This proved to be an excellent opportunity for employees to know people from other departments and widen their social circle, to prevent them from only keeping to their own department. Now, they will have more opportunities to wave a “hello” or a simple “good morning” when they meet at corridors or queuing for the same stall for lunch in the future, and of course, no more awkward silence when taking the same lift!



Share your aspirations!

After participants warmed up with one another, they are given time to think of their individual aspirations they have in the new year, and share them, hopefully to foster a deeper understanding when participants learn about the aspirations each other have. With such knowledge, employees could possibly identify with those who have  the same goal and work towards their goal together, or help each other achieve their goal. Subsequently, participants came together and after some discussion, agreed on a common aspiration for the entire team. This promotes communication, where the team will have an aligned goal which everyone will work towards together in the year.



Let the show begin!

The long-awaited Drama Mama begins! As usual, participants will work together and brainstorm, to think of a creative drama plot about Singapore back in the olden days. However, this time round, it is more challenging as participants are required to include some specific items/themes in their skits. Such challenges include:

– skit should involve historical characters such as Sang Nila Utama, Sir Stamford Raffles etc.

– aspirations mentioned earlier have to be incorporated in their story plot as the key message

– include activities like Chinese paper cutting, Indian spices and chapteh anywhere in the story

– think on the spot and improvise when given a surprise situation (it’s a surprise after all right?) not told to them beforehand!

Despite the challenges, participants had fun discussing and coming up with the most innovative story line nobody can think of. Think along the lines of: Sir Stamford Raffles came to Singapore and saw a Chinese wedding. This was where Chinese paper cutting came in. If you think that that’s all, you are wrong. Creativity of the participants certainly does not end there. The story also included Indian guests who were invited to the wedding, and they brought along curry which they cooked themselves and yes, you guessed it right, this was the part where Indian spices came in. And of course, there were more interesting and funny situations which you really have to experience it for yourself! Participants really had a lot of fun, laughing at each other’s hilarious plot, and nobody was left out. Even those who slightly introverted did not have any trouble opening up, and in fact, they were the MVPs who acted really well!



Wrapping up

The event ended off with some reflection time, where participants get some time to reflect on what they did, their aspirations, their colleagues aspirations, bonds forged with each other and more, basically whatever that happened throughout the event. Also, there was a concluding speech made by the boss, to have a perfect end to the awesome team bonding. Everyone had a great time and one thing for sure, they left the event with even more friends, and with even closer bonds forged.



Participants have something to say!

“Just had an interesting morning with VS. The experience was very engaging and I find the activties very interesting and brought out a lot of fun. Definitely will look forward to coming back again with other friends of mine.”
Benny Lee, Principal Private Secretary to the President, President’s Office, Istana

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