Fun Time-Travelling Team Building Activities in Singapore

Our team building activities in Singapore have been featured in these media.
Our team building activities in Singapore have been featured in these media.


Got a headache over planning team building? We’re glad that you found us.

We specialise in fun team building where participants get to travel back in time to Old Singapore to learn about different cultures, and these done with possibly 80% funding.

To help you save time looking for a venue, we have our very own local HDB shophouse sitting in the heart of central Singapore (5 min from Chinatown/Outram Park MRT), refurbished and transformed to look like a scene set back in 1930s Singapore.

Also, get to hold meetings at venues with Halal Food provided.

Browse our programs below, or see & hear what others say with Reviews & our Gallery.

Fun Team building Activities in Singapore with Drama!
Village Drama Mama

Participants will be divided into small groups where they have to brainstorm for ideas and act out the most creative 1-2 minutes skit involving Singapore back in the olden days. A great way for everyone to bond through laughter, watching the hilarious storylines unfold in action!

After the showcase by the groups, there will be a special photo booth session where participants can make use of the retro props provided and pose for a picture-perfect take to end off the day.

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LIVE Action RPG Team Building Activity in Singapore
LIVE Action RPG Quest 1 - Survivor: 1930s Singapore

Players would be transported back to 1930s Singapore where they will have to assume the role of rickshaw pullers, merchants, miners and other characters, to overcome challenges such as the Indian spice station, kicking the chapteh, Chinese paper-cutting and more!

Also, players would be able to take a trip down memory lane and learn more about the heritage of Singapore’s earliest amusement park, the New World Amusement Park and engage in traditional carnival games for a more complete nostalgic experience.

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Fun Team Building Activities with Outdoor LIVE Action RPG
LIVE Action RPG Quest 2 - Amazing Race: help the Samsui women!

Step into the shoes of the hardworking Samsui women and help her complete tasks as she shares her experiences in building Singapore with you! In addition, participants would be embarking on an exciting treasure hunt in the vicinity and complete missions along the way which includes doing jumpshots with famous monuments in the backdrop and more!

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Team building Activities in Singapore such as Chinatown Hawker Food Heroes
LIVE Action RPG Quest 3 - Chinatown Hawker Food Heroes!

It’s 2046 and Singapore has been plagued with an epidemic called Emptyism, due to a lack hawker food and patients are feeling empty, causing mass suicides.

In teams, adventurers will have to embark on a journey to eat and collect hawker food samples around Chinatown as a wonder cure for the epidemic, within a time limit and insufficient money. Adventurers would also have to engage in a life-sized game of Gyan Chauper, and also battle a surprise situation that nope, we’re not saying.

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Ready, ACTION! now with Village Singapura Drama Mama

People who have fun together, stay together.

Fun | Enhanced collaboration | Reinforce key messages | Scroll to see how we work our magic

Village Singapura® is FUN

Experience fun & excitement like never before! Go back to 1930s Singapore with an interactive theatrical experience.

Set in heritage buildings at iconic historic districts such as Chinatown, Fort Canning or at Singapore’s second highest peak to create unforgettable memories of fun & laughter together. See the location of our venues below or browse through our venues.

 Step back into time for a fun & exciting adventure together
 Rare hands-on experience of Old Singapore
 Make Chinese Malt Candy sticks
Learn to pull the Malay Teh Tarik
Make Chinese Paper-cutting
Try hand gestures in Indian dance
Overcome a team challenge with a team drama showcase
 Explore our heritage venues such as the beautiful Hall of the Nine Dragons built in 1928.


Enhance Collaboration

Participants have to collaborate to overcome a team drama challenge. Then through experiential learning, their experiences are linked to application in their daily work life.

Enhance collaboration within a team or an entire organization.
Facilitated reflection completes the experiential learning process.
Hence, what they learn can be applied to their daily work life.
Best practices on Effective Team Building based on the GRPI model (Richard Beckhard, 1972) will be shared & used to enhance reflection. .

We bend to fit your team’s needs & varied interests

It’s hard to find fun group activities that fit your needs & your participants’ varied interests We can do that. Our cohesion activities are indoors. There is no sweating under the Sun. Hence, everyone including more senior, unwell or less fit participants can enjoy themselves. We have a refreshing concept. Going back in time & creating your own story will interest those who are younger or more energetic. Also, we will customize to fit your budget, needs & achieve your objective. Price $40 to $100/pax  8 – 500pax 2 to 3 hours, Half day Halal food At your venue or our venue Claim PIC Indoors. No Sun. Great for senior, unwell or less fit participants Refreshing concept. Great for the younger or more energetic participants Get customized quote by tomorrow Saving cost or low Budget? No problem. Save up to 80% with Government funding (non-PIC). Applicable for Village Singapura only. Email us to find out more now. .




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Trusted by our customers for fun team bonding activities



Here is an example of a time schedule with lunch but of course, we can customize to your needs.

12.30 – 12.45pm: Introduction

The facilitator will group participants into teams and give a brief introduction on the program.

12.45 – 2.00pm:  Lunch & Hands-on

Teams will take turn to have lunch or visit the cultural stations to learn & acquire the skills & knowledge to put up their team drama.

2.00 – 2.40pm:  Team drama showcase

Before successfully performing their team drama, teams have to divide the roles & tasks within the team & create a story together.

Also, they have to determine an adequate strategy to overcome the team challenge as at the last minute of their drama, a crisis will be introduced and they have to improvise.

2.40 – 3.10pm:  Debrief & Team selfie

A thorough debrief is essential to link the experiences to the workplace. The facilitator will facilitate team discussions to reflect & share on how the learnings can be applied in their daily work-life. This is followed by fun team selfies with nostalgic photo props.


Browse through our venues for more details.

ℓ Our Venues We have a range of heritage buildings to choose from. We will recommend our Village Singapura® as it is central (5 min walk from Chinatown MRT), air-conditioned and well-equipped with meeting facilities. We can also suggest suitable venues for you based on how many pax you have, your budget for lunch/dinner/high-tea & your food requirement e.g. Halal-certified or Halal-sourced. You may also use our venue for a meeting before or after the program.

Your Venue We can do Village Singapura® at any venue so long it meets these requirements: a) Indoors, b) 4 Tables, c) Access to electric power points, d) 3.5M x 2M empty space.

Office We are based at 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #B1-47 Singapore 179094 (7 min walk from Cityhall / Clarke Quay MRT). Feel free to drop by. Let’s discuss over coffee to create memorable fun group activities for your team.

ℓ Venue: Village Singapura® is at  333 Kreta Ayer Road #03-20/21 Singapore 080333  (5 min walk from Chinatown MRT).


We can do Village Singapura™ with lunch/dinner/high tea. We can also do it without any food.

ℓ Price $20 to $100/pax

This is on top of the price of the experience. The quality of food depends on your budget. This price includes venue rental, set up, AV support and F&B.

ℓ Types of Cuisine

Type of cuisine depends on your budget and food requirement. Some examples are listed below.

ℓ Halal-sourced

These restaurants serve halal-sourced food prepared in a halal method and do not serve pork. But they serve alcohol and hence, are not halal-certified. Cuisine types include: North Indian, Indonesian & Local.

ℓ Halal-certified

Cuisine type: Local Singapore delicacy buffet

ℓ Alcohol

Alcohol is served in these restaurants/venues. Cuisine type: North Indian, Indonesian, Chinese. You can see the pictures below.





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Here’s what our customers say about our cohesion activities:

“Yes it’s effective. I think it was the best event over the past 2 years. Everybody understood the purpose, the direction, and the intention of the event. It was the most effective.

– Nakajima Nobuhiko, Assistant Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore

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Team Building Activities Singapore Reviews
Team Building Activities Singapore Reviews

The Number 1 Team Building Activities Ideas Guide in Singapore

Group bonding activities are actually fundamental for many organisations but are not given much emphasis. In fact, such activities are often misunderstood as ‘a waste of time’ or ‘meaningless’. However, that is definitely not the case and such a mindset should be altered. Read on to find out why.


1. Benefits of Group Bonding

2. Who should do it

-Planning for your Sales team
-Planning for your IT department
-Planning for your Finance team
-Planning for the Leadership or Management Level
-Planning for your Younger Colleagues
-Planning for something Outside of your Office
-Planning for Corporate Retreats

3. Some Issues/Concerns with Group Bonding

4. What to take note of when you do group activities in Singapore

5. Types of Group Bonding Activities in Singapore organised by Professionals

-Catering to Large Groups (of more than 100 people)
-Catering to Small Groups
-Fun and awesome social activities for cohesion
-Crazy, creative, unusual or simply different group bonding exercises
-Challenging problem-solving activities for those competitive team-mates
-Teamwork exercises to enhance communication and build trust
-Exciting outdoor activities for the thrill-seekers in you
-Motivational activities to create a powerful and positive impact
-Group games for virtual teams

6. No Budget? Here is list of free cohesion activities in Singapore for you to organise it yourself

-Group Bonding Activities in the Classroom
-Cohesion Activities for Meetings

7. List of Fun and Quick Group Cohesion Games

-Peak and Reconstruct!
-My Logo
-Where’s my type?
-Turn over a new leaf
-What are you drawing?

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9. Why We Uniquely have a High Chance of Helping You

1.Benefits of Group Bonding

On average, we would typically spend 8 hours a day working (meaning facing our colleagues, lunch together, working OT together etc.), which is almost 50% of our waking hours daily and that actually amounts to 30% of our entire life. This itself, is already an important enough reason for us to build good relationships with our fellow colleagues. But of course, on a more scientific basis, years of research has shown that a positive work culture boosts performance of employees, and has allowed them to be more productive and happier at work, which also helps unify them as one to work towards a common goal and achieve success. Always remember, the essence of your business does not lie solely with the individual, but the team. And to quote Forbes, building team cohesion is indeed the most important investment you will make, and should make.

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2. Who should do it

Everybody! If you ask us. Be it a new start-up or an established company, a company with newcomers or with jaded employees, always opt for activities that will promote cohesiveness withing the team. The need for team cohesion activities would be even more prominent when new departments/teams are formed, or when overseas colleagues are here for regional training, to allow for more meaningful interactions rather than polite small chats over a meal and drinks. One thing that is often overlooked, bonding exercises for your team should be employed when the manager senses tension within the team, to prevent hostile feelings from escalating, and if the team is already working harmoniously, then bonds will be further strengthened with some bonding!

Planning for your Sales team

According to Harvard Business Review, Sales Professionals tend to be achievement-oriented. Hence, suitable group cohesion activities would involve competition between teams with clear identification of winners such as Amazing Race or Paintball. Be sure to inform your vendor to include this as a criteria when selecting your bonding activity. At Village Singapura, we have our own variation of Amazing Race Activity where you get to meet and help a Samsui Woman

Planning for your IT department

On the other hand, although IT professionals may be achievement-oriented too, they may not all be of an extroverted personality. As such, if you are planning for group cohesion for a team of IT professionals, you may want to take this into consideration. You can try to tell your vendor to perhaps suggest activities such as creating your own Drama, Art Jamming etc.

Planning for your Finance team

If you are planning for group bonding for a team of Finance Professionals, don’t forget to consider the innate analytical and problem-solving tendencies of your team mates. In this case, doing a dragon boat team cohesion activity or High Elements Obstacle Course may not cut it, especially if you have older participants as well. Instead, you should consider Escape Games or a Treasure Hunt where you have to solve riddles. If you have accounting staff too, how about an accounting game show? Do tell your vendor to take that into consideration. By the way, at Village Singapura, we have our own unique treasure hunt LIVE action role playing game that is based on hawker food too.

Planning for the Leadership or Management Level

Planning a group activity for top talents, leaders or the management team? This group tends to be more demanding and we will advise you to spend extra effort and care in picking the right activity or vendor to work with. We’ll advise you to double-check the track record of the activities provider and to also ask for the profile of the actual facilitator. It will be even better if you can meet the actual facilitator before that. Also, we will advise that you seek the inputs on what learning objectives you should achieve. Also, as the leaders or management team will be important amplifiers of your corporate culture & values. As such, it may make sense to try to align the activity with learning objectives that reflects your corporate core values, At Village Singapura, our Village Drama Mama bonding activity can do just that and you may like to consider that.

Planning for your Younger Colleagues

Young people or Young Adults are the group that is the most energetic. Hence, you are strongly advised to repeat this a few times to your vendor to ensure that they can suggest activities that is highly physical or tiring. As this will likely involve outdoor activities, you may want to ask for a wet weather plan as well. In Singapore, we have the occasional rain and once-in-a-while Haze. You may find it beneficial to check the latest weather forecast or haze forecast 2-3 weeks before the activity day so as to be prepared. Here are some suitable bonding activities or games for you to consider too.

Planning for Something Outside of your Office

You may have seen bonding activities conducted in office space, but what about the limitless space outside of the office? Think appreciation meals held in a restaurant or hotel, or a welcoming ceremony held in community centers!

Planning for Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats need not only be cold, practical, materialistic – everything you would commonly associate with the corporate world. Depending on the objective of the bonding event, it can be one which is purely fun, or one that carries a more solemn key message, embedded in fun activities! For instance, meetings during corporate bonding could be held in cool venues, where important and serious issues could be discussed in a less formal atmosphere where everyone is comfortable!

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3. Some Issues/Concerns with Group Bonding

There are some issues and concerns associated with group bonding activities, some of which we wouldn’t even have realise that they existed. So here are some, just to name a few, and you may actually find these scenarios familiar. But no fear, because we have them listed out here. Be aware of the specific issue, acknowledge them, then take action to prevent further damage, and you will be on your way to an awesome group bonding! Group cohesion activities become a yearly affair for you company and you’re just ‘forced’ to do it since the company already has a budget set aside for it. In other words, you are doing team cohesion activities just for the sake of doing it, which totally defeats the purpose behind the activity, since participants are likely to be participating grudgingly, feeling that it is a waste of time. Furthermore, many of us will worry that bonds forged during the cohesion activity may not be long-lasting, and will last for only as long as the cohesion event. Once everyone is back to the office, the usual hostility starts all over again. We understand how you feel because these are very real problems. We have provided some other problems associated with group cohesion activities and some tips here!

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4. What to take note of when you do group activities in Singapore

Many are in awed of the high productivity of Singaporeans on the whole. Little did they know that we work hard, but we play even harder. Don’t associate Singapore with only mundane work and an all-work-but-no-play country, we do have a excellent variety of team cohesion activities to choose from to have some quality bonding time with your colleagues!

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5. Types of Group Bonding Activities in Singapore organised by Professionals

Appointed to organise a group bonding event, checked. Got to please your colleagues by planning fun activities, checked. Have to work within a budget, checked. Village Singapura has come up with several categories for your convenience, for you to choose from. And yes, now you may have another headache – the enormous list of awesome ideas that trust us, you wouldn’t mind having to plan for another 10 more group bonding events.

Catering to Large Groups (of more than 100 people)

Yes admittedly, it is tough planning an activity that will bond the team and please so many people all at a go. However, with the enormous list of ideas we have for you, it may be a case of the more the merrier, because double the number of people, double the amount of fun isn’t it? Try the Singapore Laughter Yoga, a highly interesting bonding exercise that would be better enjoyed by large groups of people. This unique activity will bring you and your colleagues closer to each other through yes, laughter. Never underestimate the power of laughter! Another idea would be to try out our exclusive Village Singapura experience, be it to re-create your own drama through our Drama Mama, or to be involved in quests to help the Samsui women or to be your own Hawker Food Heroes by accomplishing missions! Never knew that such fun activities could be catered to and enjoyed by so many people? Now you know.

Catering to Small Groups

Small groups doesn’t necessarily mean less fun. In fact, smaller groups could actually mean an intimate and a more tightly-knitted bonding session among members who will get the chance to interact and know each other at a deeper level. For instance, try the Helium Hoop exercise where the main aim of the game is to lower the hula hoop to the ground, with each member touching the hoop with only their index finger. Sounds really simple doesn’t it? But is it really that easy? Try it and think again. Or another simple game to conduct to eliminate any form of awkwardness – 2 truths and 1 lie. As simple as that, members just have to take turns to list 3 things about himself/herself, then the others will guess which is the lie! Really fun and easy to conduct especially within a small group!

Fun and awesome social activities for cohesion

Be your own masterchef and organise a team cohesion involving yes, food! Put your culinary skills as well as teamwork to test by collaborating with your colleagues to whip up the most delicious dish. Learn a new dish with your co-workers at local culinary academies and have a cooking face-off afterwards! Up the difficulty level by introducing specific requirements like perhaps a theme of cooking chicken? Dessert? Or even tasking participants to whip up a 4 course meal. Put on your aprons now and start cooking!

Crazy, creative, unusual or simply different group bonding exercises

Keep bouncing at a Trampoline Park, one of the most in-trend activity at the moment. It can certainly serve as a crazy and fun team cohesion, jumping around with your colleagues amidst laughter, and relieving stress! Something different from the usual cohesion activities isn’t it? Jump your troubles away and bond together! Something unlike the usual cohesion, something unusual, something more meaningful. You can also do good while executing your company’s cohesion activity! Volunteer at an animal shelter with your colleagues and have a fun time together, forging close bonds with one another, and feel even better together because your work is actually part of a good cause! Or you can opt for other forms of volunteering activities and do some good together with your colleagues!

Challenging problem-solving activities for those competitive team-mates

Activities that are purely for fun aren’t your cup of tea? Want something more challenging? Here you go! The Escape Room series of games would definitely be the right type of game for your fellow smart colleagues! As the name suggests, solve a series of puzzles, and conquer the various missions given to escape the locked room within a certain time limit! Sounds really challenging and exciting!

Teamwork exercises to enhance communication and build trust

Warren G. Bennis, a scholar on leadership once said “Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organisations to work”. Indeed, trust is a fundamental component especially at the workplace and this can be built and further enhanced with communication. Try some games aiming to build trust among colleagues, such as Minefield! Set up an obstacle course on a flat area, with multiple turns, cones, etc., anything you can think of. One participant will be blindfolded while the others will be situated outside of the obstacle course to give instructions to the blindfolded player, to verbally guide the player to accomplish tasks along the way and walk out of the obstacle course. To increase the difficulty, scatter some equipments like hula hoops and skipping ropes along the course whereby players are required to skip 5 times or do 10 jumping jacks with the instructions of their non-blindfolded colleagues. See how much trust there are between colleagues!

Exciting outdoor activities for the thrill-seekers in you

Introducing a new concept – Bossa ball, a sport that is increasingly gaining popularity! It is a good mix of volleyball, soccer and acrobatics, and is played on a large inflatable fitted with trampolines. “Bossa” vaguely means style and attitude, and is related to Bossa Nova, with an upbeat tempo. Music is played in the background as well to spice up things and to make things more exciting. Certainly a refreshing experience to try out with your colleagues who love to be under the sun and trying new things!

Motivational activities to crease a powerful and positive impact

Need a place to let your imagination run wild, to express yourself and to take a well-deserved break from your hectic work life? My Art Studio would be perfect for you, a tranquil place with teacups and paintbrushes for you to relax. Try their exquisite food and unleash your inner Picasso by painting and yes, both at the same time! Or want to find a more rural side of the highly urbanised Singapore? Head over to farmstays at places like D’Kranji or at Punggol ranch. Such places offers a quiet space for you to recharge, and spend some quality time with your fellow colleagues away from work for once, and away from the hustle and bustle of your hectic lifestyle.

Group games for virtual teams

We rarely hear about virtual cohesion activities. We even wonder, can it really be done? Definitely, yes it can be done albeit rarely. Here is a simple one to try out, called Two Pictures. Through a common online platform that you usually employ, get colleagues to share 2 non-work related pictures – they can be photos of their families, their pets, favourite hobby, photos from their travelling, anything! Next, during a meeting, get participants to guess who is the owner of the photos. If the answer is too obvious, maybe get that colleague to just share simply about the photos. As easy as that! A really simple and straight forward way to get colleagues to know one another better on a more personal level. Or something even simpler. Let participants engage in online games before a meeting to warm things up a notch and to unleash the competitive side they may possess. Loosen things up a little before going onto the more formal meeting! Spider solitaire anyone?

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6. No Budget? Here is list of free cohesion activities in Singapore for you to organise it yourself

It is understandable that sometimes, you just want to do some bonding activities to bring the team closer together or to give the team’s morale a little boost for work, yet do not have a budget for doing so. But no fear because your solution is here! Here are some exercises that are simple, effective and (most importantly) free!

Group Bonding Activities in the Classroom

A really quick exercise to get the atmosphere up and people laughing hard. This really quick and simple game you can try is called Grab an object and Tell a story! First, just grab a bag and randomly grab a few items accessible to you – pen, pencil, apple, bottle, chocolate, cap, just anything! Next, pass the bag around where each participant will take an object out of the bag without looking and then formulate a story incorporating the object and the story continues as the bag is passed around. See what epic story would be spun out! Another quick one here – a game called HAHAHA. Yes you got that right, HAHAHA. Really fun and simple to conduct. Participants will sit in a circle and the first one will start off with HA, the second one with HAHA, and the third with HAHAHA and so on. If the participant says the wrong number of HAs, there will be a forfeit! Increase the difficulty by increasing the speed or in any other way you want and you’ll see participants all bending down in laughter.

Cohesion Activities for Meetings

This game is called Poker Tower. Give your participants a pack of poker cards and a pair of scissors, then instruct them to build the tallest tower possible. You’ll see creative juices flowing and everyone cracking their heads and thinking hard! Participants will also get to interact with each other while thinking of the best and most creative solution to win!

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7. List of Fun and Quick Group Cohesion Games

Peak and reconstruct!

Materials needed: Wooden building blocks or Lego blocks or Plasticine

Number of participants needed: More than 5 Time required: 15-20 min

Instructions: A seemingly ‘standard’ game but really fun (and funny) when you try it out! Gamemaster will secretly prepare a sculpture using one of the above mentioned materials, with the participants back-facing him/her.

Next, the first participant will be ordered to turn around and have a look at the sculpture made, and commit that to memory because after which he/she will be required to reconstruct the same sculpture based on memory.

This will repeat down the line of participants and you will realise how much difference the sculpture will differ as it proceeds down the line! The last participant in the line will have to guess what the original sculpture is supposed to be (which can be really challenging depending on how well the sculpture is made!)

A really hilarious and fun game! Can be otherwise called “sculpture charades”.

My Logo

Materials needed: Any objects participants have with them (coins, notebooks, pens etc.)

Number of participants needed: Any number

Time required: 10-15 min

Instructions: Ask participants to empty out their pockets, wallets or purses for coins and place them on the table. Alternatively, ask them for any other objects they have with them or on their desks (pens, notebooks, cups etc.) and place the items on the table as well.

Next, instruct them to construct a logo which they think represent themselves out of the items they placed on the table. If there are too may participants, you may split them into small groups of 5-6 people and let them construct a team logo which represents their group. Really serves as a good bonding game to break the ice and get people talking!

Where’s my type?

Materials needed: Blindfolds

Number of participants: More than 10

Time required: 15 min

Instructions: An activity which involves some movement, perfect for restless participants! Gamemaster will whisper a particular animal (eg. snake, mouse, pig, tiger etc.) to each individual participant, who will be blindfolded.

Next, participants will be positioned far from each other, on a large empty playing area. Participants are required to make noises that represents their designated animal, and make use of their sense of hearing (since they are blindfolded now) to make their way towards their own kind to form a cluster of the same animal.

The winning group will be that of participants who successfully make their way towards their own cluster of animal! Really fun and interesting! (something to take note: do make sure that playing area is obstacle-free since participants are blindfolded, to prevent any injury!)

Turn over a new leaf

Materials needed: A sheet of paper (mahjong paper or any size of a large sheet of paper depending on the number of participants)

Number of participants: More than 5

Time required: 10-15 min

Instructions: Place the large sheet of paper on the floor and start by having every participant stand on it, without their feet on the ground. Then, participants are required to turn the sheet over without stepping off the paper.

However, some rules to take note include: no stepping off the paper and no carrying/lifting of people. The group will grow closer by thinking of how to accomplish the task and working together!

What are you drawing?

Materials needed: Paper, pens/markers

Number of participants: About 8 or more

Time required: 15 min

Instructions: Participants will form a line, where each participant will be given a sheet of paper and a marker. Each individual will draw anything they want without telling anybody, then pass the paper to the next person on the right.

The next person will fold the paper into half and write at the top in words, what they think the picture is about then pass to the next person. The next person will then read the description, and draw based on what was written.

In other words, players will alternate between seeing the drawing and the words written, Something crucial to take note would be that it is important that each turn only reveals either the drawing or the description in words (separate sheets of paper can be used, just make sure that all the sheets of paper should be passed together).

Lastly, the sheets of paper should be returned to the original owner of the drawing. Everyone will have a good time laughing when they see what their colleagues think of their drawing! A simple and easy group bonding game to lighten the atmosphere where participants will bond together over some laughter!

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9. Why We Uniquely have a High Chance of Helping You

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