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Team Building in Batam

With so many popular tourist destinations in Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Jakarta etc.), you would ask, why choose to do team building in Batam?

Batam is an awesome location not only for shopping and relaxing purposes (though of course, these are important reasons too right?), it is an up-and-rising hot spot for companies to hold their company retreat due to the numerous & affordable activities in Batam.

Batam activities that are suitable for team bonding includes drama-based activity to fun bonding through go-karting or kayaking.

It may be a small island, but it has far much more to offer. From water activities ranging from jet skiing to parasailing, Batam is also a free-trade zone where you can indulge in some (intensive) duty-free shopping, with many pretty and relaxing beach resorts and a vibrant night life. A healthy combination for your corporate retreat needs.

Read on for more exciting activities in Batam and look out for our exclusive Batam team building packages below!

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Team Building Overseas

Have a budget constraint and yet want to have your team building overseas? And don’t wish to spend more than 2 hours travelling?

The first few places that come to mind would include our neighbouring countries Malaysia and Indonesia, and destinations would definitely include: Batam, Bintan, Bali, Jarkarta, Bandung, JB and even KL. Ever thought of some fun time out in the sun doing your unique team building in Indonesia (Batam)?

To have a super solid proposal that you will present to your boss, you certainly can’t escape from intensive research on all of the above mentioned places, and of course, with some OT involved.

It is really time consuming and it means less time for your family and friends, and your own personal time.

So, Village Singapura has done all the hard work for you, and painstakingly put together research coupled with some insiders’ information, to present to you an exclusive package that will make you want to pack your luggage now and head out for some fun.

Team Bonding in Batam will be fun!

Picture Source; TNT Report

Map of Indonesia for team building planning

Picture Source: Wikipedia

Both Malaysia and Indonesia are geographically close and offer fantastic distinct experiences as a result of their diverse culture, traditions and cuisines.

Why Indonesia?

One of the perks of doing Team Building in Indonesia and Batam is to let you experience such cultural performances.

Picture Source:

So why Indonesia? Indonesia is the combination of the big city lure and rustic rural charm in the best possible ways. Yes,  and realistically speaking (budget budget budget!), think of shopping duty-free and living like a king (or queen) on a tranquil resort, where the only trouble will be deciding what to eat for your next meal – all of this made available at more than half the price you would usually get locally. Talk about experiencing more and paying less.

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Batam – Activities for team building

We have a great variety of bonding activities in Batam for you to choose. Some are included inside the company retreat package below. Others are excluded and optional for you to upgrade your Batam activities to be more effective in improving communication and align your team around key messages. Read on to find out more.


Fun team building in Batam and Indonesia

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Choose from a smattering list of fun team bonding games. These activities will last about 5 hrs in total, start right after you arrive on Day 1, before lunch. Then, we resume with the activities after lunch and end at about 3pm during tea-break time.

* Choose any 4 group competition and 1 war games *

List of Group Competition Games (choose 4):

  • Hula-hoop relay
  • Wacky Water Fall
  • Ball transfer
  • Slider cup
  • Crab walk
  • Acid river
  • Mummy wrapping
  • Pass the rubber band
  • Picking sweet in the flour
  • Chin to Chin
  • Python “PETATLON”
  • Tug of war
  • Sarong runner
  • Three-legged race
  • Gunny sack soccer
  • Eagle and snack
  • Beach pyramid
  • Fire brigade
  • Balloon dancing
  • String A Long
  • Treasure hunt
  • Secret message
  • Bulldozer

List of War Games (choose 1):

  • Pillow boxing
  • Water war
  • RPG


Drama Mama Team Building in Batam

Drama Mama Team Building in Batam

Unleash the Drama Queen in your colleagues! In this highly hilarious segment, participants have to work together to come up with the most creative drama skit involving life in Singapore back in the 1930s. Upgrade to an unique group cohesion activity and watch how your colleagues transform into historic characters such as Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles

Let your creativity go wild and reinforce your organization’s key messages such as your core values or strategy for this year.

Optional Upgrade: Add SGD $2000 for 8 to 30 pax, subsequent additional pax is SGD $60/pax.

I have enjoyed the activity here today. The most interesting thing is that we get to learn about the traditional local culture. I found the Drama Mama segment very interesting, enjoyable, and very helpful for our team building activity. It was a little bit challenging for the team, but every team did so well. It was a very well-designed game.yamaha 2

– Ishii Takeo, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Asia-Pacific, Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore 


My favorite activity today was “drama mama”. It was a really good activity to have an interaction between our company employees and we also get to know about the history of Singapore through the activities and it really helps to have a team-building session throughout those many various activities.”stellar park

– Stella Park, Manager, Samsung Heavy Industries  

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Batam – Company retreat package

Looking for other things such as accommodation or transport together with your activities in Batam? Why not consider a convenient company retreat package? Here are the details on what is included along with the pricing.

1. Accommodation

Accommodation for Team Building in Batam and Indonesia

Picture Source: Expedia

Dining area for team building in Batam and Indonesia

Picture Source:

Batam View Beach Resort is ideally situated and is the top choice of many who are heading to Batam. Guests can choose from a variety of room types and will be spoilt for choice from all the entertainment and activities provided. Definitely a great choice for staff bonding among colleagues!

Address: Batam View Beach Resort, Jalan Hang Lekir Nongsa, Sambau, Nongsa, Batam Island, Indonesia

2. How to get there

Map showing you how to get to Batam for team building

Picture Source: BatamRooms

Harbourfront Ferry Terminal (Singapore) –Batam Centre Ferry Terminal (Batam)

It is one hour away from Harborfront terminal to Batam Centre Ferry Ferminal. The same duration if you arrive at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal. Then, you can take a cab from ferry terminal to Batam View Beach Resort.

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) – Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal (batam)

It only takes 30 minutes away from Tanah Merah Ferry terminal in Singapore to Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal in Batam.

Check out more information on ferry schedules and timings here.

3. Food & Beverages

Another dinning area for your team building at Batam

Picture Source: TripAdvisor

Village Singapura has selected several restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies which we think may suit you.

  1. Breakfast @ Wangi Melati Coffee House.
  2. Buffet Lunch Buffet @ Kelong Restaurant
  3. Dinner Buffet @ Poolside
  4. And More! We can customize to your needs

You can also check out how to expand your meal options when you call and enquire with us!

OPTIONAL: (Prices are a realistic representation but are subjected to exchange rate fluctuations)

  1. 30L Carlsberg barrel beer @ S$ 480 nett (approximately 80 glasses)
  2. Free flow of soft drink during dinner @ S$ 12 nett for 2 hours per person
  3. Free flow house pour whisky, vodka, gin, beer and soft drinks @ S$ 60 for 2 hours per person
  4. Free flow house pour wine and beer @ S$ 42 for 2 hours per person

Beverage Corkage Charge:

  1. Hard liquor @ S$ 36 nett / Bottle
  2. Wine / Champagne @ S$ 24 nett / Bottle
  3. Beer / stout @ S$ 2.40 nett / Bottle or Can
  4. Soft Drinks @ S$ 2.40 nett / Bottle or Can

4. Tours and Experiences

Scenery for tour after team building in Batam

Picture Source: Nirwana Gardens

OPTIONAL: (Prices are a realistic representation but are subjected to exchange rate fluctuations)

  1. City tour with Indonesia Lunch from 9am-5pm @ S$36 (Adult), $ 33.6 (Child) (Itinerary upon request and exclude tipping for driver and guider S$2.4 per person)
  2. Half Day usage of 45 seats’ bus (up to 4 hours) @ S$ 306 nett
  3. Full Day usage of 45 seats’ bus (up to 8 hours) @ S$ 366 nett
  4. Paint ball @ S$ 30 nett/ person (60 bullets, 2-ways transfer, mask, vest & gun included)
  5. Activity will be done outside the Resort, around 10 minutes away by car/bus


Other activities:

Banana Boat team Bonding at Batam and Indonesia

Picture Source:

  • Jet ski (Yamaha VX 700s)/ jet ski tour
  • Banana boat (7 seaters)/ banana boat cruise/ banana boat package
  • Knee boarding
  • Wake boarding
  • Water ski
  • Snorkelling (Putri Island)
  • Kayak (double/single)
  • Paddle boat (2 seaters/ 4 seaters)
  • Cruising by boat (mangrove tour/ sunset cruise)
  • Fishing
  • Parasailing
  • Flying fish

5. Itineraries & packages






* Includes transfer, accommodation, food and group activities in Batam. *

6. Price

2D1N corporate package price (subjected to changes, valid till March 2017. Contact us for updated ballpark figure for your budgeting purpose.)



Adult – Twin/Triple sharing


Adult – Single


Child – with Extra bed


Child – no Bed

S$226.00 nett


S$274.00 nett


S$218.00 nett


S$167.00 nett


Visa Requirements (updated as of 1 February 2017, 11:00 am) :

Actually most countries can travel visa-free to Indonesia, with some requiring a visa-on-arrival. Some countries which require a visa on arrival, it is USD$15 not exceeding 7 days. Refer to to see the comprehensive list of countries.

According to Wikipedia, countries which need visa include:

Afghanistan, Niger, Cameroon, Nigeria, Guinea, North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, Liberia and Somalia

For more updated information, contact the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore:

Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Singapore
7 Chatsworth Road
Singapore 249761
Telephone: (+65) 6737 7422
Office hours: Mon-Thur: 09.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00, Fri: 09.00-12.30 and 14.30-17.00

Our Address:

Singapore address: 1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre #B1-47 Singapore 179094
Batam address: Jalan Hang Lekir Nongsa, Sambau, Nongsa, Batam Island, Indonesia

You may find having a free quote for team building in Singapore useful for your team to compare. If so, please browse our team bonding activities or contact us now and we would be glad to have a quick chat with you!

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Other useful information:

Save on the Google-ing. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Here are some additional information about Batam that might be useful for you!

Time zone: GMT +7, 1 hr behind Singapore. e.g. Singapore 9am is Batam 8am
Indonesia is 1 hour behind Singapore. In simpler terms, when it is 9am here in Singapore, it would be 8am in Batam.

Exchange Rate: 1 SGD to 9450 IDR (check for more updated exchange rates)

Travel advisory & News (useful resources):
Travel advisory warning from the Australian government
Useful travel guide by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Kementerian Pariwisata


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Stay tuned for more cheap and good makan places (Seafood! Indonesian cuisine!), shopping guide and where to find the most value-for-money massages!



Picture Source: Chillin’Competition

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