Top 10 MICE Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore for the Best Business Trips Ever

Singapore merits its status as an exciting location for group business travel, buoyed by an impressive variety of fun bonding activities to liven up your  busy schedule!

Business events rely on the ‘fun’ factor for success. At the crossroads of colourful cultures Singapore offers MICE travellers opportunities to loosen up their ties and bond with one another through fun-filled experiences. In between meetings and conferences, employees can interact, energise and increase their productivity with a whole host of corporate team bonding activities in Singapore. Choose from our list of ten to spice up any MICE schedule and add ‘fun’ to the agenda.

#1 Gardens by the Bay

fun team building activities in singapore

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Explore the largest glass greenhouse in the world as your team participates in botanical-themed challenges.

#2 City Gallery at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

Gain insight into Singapore’s transformation as a city through the decades – from an urban planner’s perspective. After a video screening, participants get to tour the gallery and engage in a discussion with an URA Officer.

#3 At-SunriceGlobalchef Academy

fun team building activities in singapore

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Whip up authentic Singaporean fare at this local culinary academy. Participants are put through a hands-on cooking class and put their creativity to the test as they conjure up a three-course meal in a competition format.

#4 The Food Hunt Race

Go on an ‘Amazing Race’-style food hunt based on Singapore’s four main racial groups and their cuisine. Teams hunt down local dishes in the city’s famous hawker centres and complete food-related challenges at ‘checkpoints’.

#5 Drama Mama by Village Singapura

fun team building activities in singapore

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Leap back in time to 1930s Singapore via hands-on activities in a location full of historical flavour. Participants roll up their sleeves and try their hand (and feet!) in traditional food, art, and dance craft from Singapore’s various ethnic groups, culminating in a drama showcase that will reveal their hidden flamboyance!

#6 The Bird Park Adventure

Flock together and indulge in feathery fun with a race around the world’s largest bird park Afterwards, teams engage in a fierce battle of wits as they build mighty catapults and mould clay figurines in a grand challenge.

#7 Social Creatives

fun team building activities in singapore

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Paint big for a good cause. In this activity, flaunt your artistic side and demonstrate teamwork by working together to create a meaningful mural on-site at a local public or institutional space.

#8 Shan You Food Distribution Drive

Spare a thought – and some time – for the less fortunate. Lending a hand at a local food donation drive while visiting some offbeat locations around the island is a good way to start.

#9 Barkitecture

Build and decorate a dog house from scratch with little time and even less resources. Armed with a tool kit and building materials, teams must identify their members’ strengths and apply project management expertise to their kennel projects. The finale? A dog from the local rescue sniffs out a winner!

#10 Urban Fairways

fun team building activities in singapore

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Golf, the de-facto sport of the business and MICE world, is at the fore of this in Singapore’s financial district. From beginner lessons to “pro” showdowns on its simulator, a team building event can be customised to heart’s content – with booze at full flow at the bar.

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