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Wait a minute. Before we jump in, let us be clear on what you need so that we can help you get your job done.

Why you are doing this: Team building programmes provide excellent opportunities for employees to network, cultivate a sense of belonging to the organization, foster team spirit, learn how to communicate more effectively, increase work productivity and the list goes on! Given the numerous benefits behind team building activities, it is no wonder the management encourages running them, and you, my reader friend, might have been allocated the task to brainstorm for team bonding activities and engage a suitable team building company!

Since there are so many benefits, before you can choose the right activity, you need to be clear on what is your most important objective or benefit that you seek. Also, be clear on the type of participants that will be attending the activity.

How we can help you: It is hard work, yes, to sieve through numerous pages of online search results to find something that fits you. Therefore, our team at Village Singapura has taken the initiative to compile a pretty long list of team building activities in Singapore as your one-stop executive summary to make your life easier!

Disclaimer: Here’s a bit about us at Village Singapura. We are an awesome team building company in Singapore made up of a group of great and fun-loving people, who are passionate about making your corporate team building session enriching, meaningful, effective and fun! How do we achieve this?

Firstly, we designed a programme that most, if not all, employees can participate in, by making it friendly to pregnant ladies, handicapped, and senior members in air-conditioned venues, so that no one gets left behind, choked by the haze or showered by unreciprocated love i.e. the rain drops! Secondly, we cater to your organization’s preferences be it in terms of dietary requirements (halal/vegetarian/alcohol-friendly), budget, or overseas retreat! Thirdly, we incorporate team building principles into them! There were some deep thought processes that went into planning the games to make them worth your precious time! You can see our ~1min video trailers of drama-mama or LIVE action role-playing-games to see if it will work for you.

Methodology: We have searched for “team bonding activities in Singapore” and gathered the results from the top 10 pages from Google, Bing and Yahoo (alright, there were only 9 pages of results on Yahoo), filtered off the duplicates, ranked the top 80 activities, sorted the list in alphabetical order, and here you go with the first 20 of the top 80! Do bookmark this article for future reference and share it with your colleagues. They will thank you for it, really!

Old School Snake & Ladder Game: Team Building Activities in Singapore

1. A Back to Old Singapore Team Experience

Why choose this? Revisit forgotten Singapore cultural practices like the art of paper-cutting Chinese characters, and reminiscence pleasant old times by playing childhood games. Village Singapura Team Building aims to introduce some of Singapore’s most beautiful traditional practices to participants who are new to the country, remind local participants of our roots and bring back sweet childhood memories.

Best for: General public, especially expats, and is suitable for pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members. It’s a great add-on to global team meetings with visitors from overseas. Government funding option is available, covering up to 80% of the cost for team building activities, venue and halal food.

Patisserie Class: Team Building Activities in Singapore


2. Bake a Cake Bonding Time at a Patisserie Class

Why choose this? Learn the techniques required to bake your favourite cakes, tarts, and cookies in an environment with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Also, do find out from your pastry chef on where to buy the best ingredients in Singapore!

Best for: Baker-wannabes and those with a sweet tooth!

Gardens by the Bay: Team Building Venue in Singapore


3. Behind the Scenes of Gardens by the Bay

Why choose this team bonding activity in Singapore? Find out how the Gardens by the Bay is self-sustained through a sophisticated construction plan with conservation in mind in your visit there! Rent an audio guide or engage a tour guide to enrich your experience. Here’s a spoiler; did you know that the Supertrees are embedded with photovoltaic cells that store solar energy that lights up the Supertrees at night?

Best for: General public, especially the nature conservationists

Trampoline Park: Team Building Venue in Singapore


4. Bounce Together Around the Trampoline Park

Why choose this? Go against gravity, explore new stunts by bouncing off the walls and doing back flips like never before!

Best for: Sporty young adults and children without bone injuries, but of course you can always choose a friendlier option like the indoor team building activities hosted by Village Singapura.

Build-a-bike: Team building activities in Singapore


5. Build Bicycles as a group for the Underprivileged Children

Why choose this? Assemble the parts of a bicycle as a team, get approval at the safety checkpoints before presenting your team effort to the underprivileged children as a gift!

Best for: General public and organizations looking to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movements

Build A School Overseas Retreat: Team Building Activities in Singapore


6. Build a School as a Team in the Rural Areas as Part of the Overseas Retreat

Why choose this? Contribute to the greater good by building schools and houses in rural areas, taking a big step in improving the lives of many living without proper shelters, and facing limited education opportunities.

Best for: Physically fit travellers

Pulau Ubin: Team building venue in Singapore


7. Bush Walking in a Group at Pulau Ubin

Why choose this? Embark on a natural trail in one of the last surviving villages, also known as “kampong” in Singapore. Enjoy fresher air, a simpler pace of life, secluded beaches, and flourishing mangroves at Pulau Ubin.

Best for: General public who are comfortable with bumboat rides

Board Game Cafes: Team Building Activities in Singapore


8. Chill at Board Game Cafes Together

Why choose this? Unless there is a board game collector among the co-workers, board game cafes will probably be the best spot to visit for an impressive collection of games to try out, have fun and play with colleagues!

Best for: Those who enjoy keeping the mind active through game sessions

Pulau Ubin Teochew Opera: Team building activities in Singapore


9. Chinese Opera and Dinner as a Group at Pulau Ubin

Why choose this? Ubin comes alive at night with Teochew opera performances and sumptuous fresh seafood dinners on selected evenings. Be amazed by the elaborate costumes, makeup and more importantly, voices of the performances as they bring us back in time to old Singapore.

Best for: General public, who are comfortable with bumboat rides, especially expats, and locals, who misses the good old days. Do check the performance schedule in advance though!

Clay Pottery Lesson: Team building activities in Singapore


10. Clay Pottery Lessons for Team Activities

Why choose this? Mould vases and bowls to add to the office décor! But of course, participants can choose to bring them back as home decors instead.

Best for: General Public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Communication Workshop: Team Building Activities in Singapore


11. Communication Workshop For Better Relationships

Why choose this? Improve communication and working relationship between co-workers through professional workshops that addresses communication breakdowns due to lack of clarity, misunderstanding of intentions, conflicts etc. Learn how to interact with colleagues respectfully by portraying the appropriate body languages, the tone of speech, and display of emotions.

Best for: General public, suitable for pregnant, handicapped and senior members

Perfume workshop: Team building activities in Singapore


12. Concoct-a-Bottle-of-Perfume Workshop

Why choose this? Design your own scent that pleases your senses with a perfume workshop. It’s uniquely yours!

Best for: Those who love fragrances! But if you have a “curious” nose or a nose that boasts its ability to distinguish between scents, why not test it out at Village Singapura’s spice challenge?

Corporate CSI Session: Team building activities in Singapore


13. Corporate CSI Session

Why choose this? The corporate Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) session is a fun game that allows co-workers to work together in solving a crime mystery. Find out how a crime was committed, dig through the evidence to identify the murderer, and have a fun and engaging time!

Best for: Those with an investigative nature and an eye for details, and probably not for the faint hearted and pregnant ladies. Nevertheless, there are other light-hearted and fun team building activities to explore!

Movie Screenings: Team Building Activities in Singapore


14. Corporate Movie Screenings

Why choose this? Book the entire cinema theater when the latest blockbuster film comes out! Offer extra tickets for employees to bring their family along and they will love the organizers for saving them the effort of queuing and escaping booking fees!

Best for: Large organizations. But of course, there are more fun interactive games in Singapore that suit large organizations.

Dialogue in the Dark: Team Building Activities in Singapore


15. Dialogue in the Dark in Singapore

Why choose this? Under the guidance of both blind trainers and sighted specialists, participants have the opportunity to understand how the blind interact with their surroundings in their daily lives, learn non-visual communication skills, gain confidence to overcome their fears, and develop a sense of awareness to be empathetic towards the handicapped in the society.

Best for: General public except those with a fear of darkness

Dining in the Dark: Team building activities in Singapore


16. Dine in the Dark

Why choose this? Embark on a journey through tastes and textures as you savour a surprise meal in the dark. For once, allow the sense of taste and smell dominate over the visuals!

Best for: General public except those with a fear of darkness

Domino Chain Reaction Project: Team building activities in Singapore


17. Domino Chain Reaction Project

Why choose this? Get creative with a massive domino chain reaction project! Work together as a team to build the most impressive structure and gain a sense of satisfaction from witnessing the domino effect! Don’t forget to videotape it down!

Best for: The creative minds who love to build structures

Dragon Boat Racing: Team building activities in Singapore


18. Dragon Boat Racing at Singapore River

Why choose this? Race down the Singapore river with a dragon boating event! Flex those muscles, sweat it out and get fit!

Best for: Physically fit adults

Yacht Retreat: Team building activities in Singapore


19. Enjoy a Yacht Retreat Bonding Session

Why choose this? Get on board a luxury yacht as the team cruises out into the ocean for a relaxing team bonding time! It’s a great idea to bundle overseas retreats activities with the ride out!

Best for: General public without severe seasickness

Escape Room Games: Team building activities in Singapore


20. Escape Room Games

Why choose this? Here’s what gonna happen. The team will be trapped in a room and it is going to take awesome team spirit to coordinate the breakout that involves cracking the brain to solve puzzles, unlock the padlocks, and get over the obstacles!

Best for: General public, subject to requirements of individual rooms, which may include scary themes, climbing, crawling, etc. Alternatively, enjoy a more relaxing old school team building experience with Village Singapura!


We hope that you have found Part 1 to be really useful.

Ever wondered what you can find if you search beyond page 1 of the search results and venture into page 2 to 10 of the search results? You can find these SG team activity ideas in part 2 , part 3 and part 4. Some of them are even corporate retreat and meeting venues in Singapore so that you can hold your retreat together with your bonding activities.

Or take a look at our 10 Affordable team Building Activities in Singapore article for more ideas! As the name of the title suggests, the article would provide you with more detailed information on planning an affordable team building that doesn’t compromise on the fun! Juts how good is that! Hurry go check it out now!


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