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Corporate Team Bonding

If you have not read part 1, it is highly recommended that you read it first to get the most of out of Part 2. Here is a quick recap of Part 1.

In a nutshell: Planning a corporate team building session is no easy feat, be it for an SME or MNC. On top of meeting various management’s objectives such as having a well-structured schedule, thought-provoking games that challenge the team members, create networking opportunities especially for MNCs, foster a sense of belonging and team spirit, and of course, falling within budget constraints, the team session should ideally meet participants’ individual preferences and to be worthy of the participants’ time.

But what exactly are these individual preferences? Firstly, the session should be designed such that all employees can participant in, by making it friendly to pregnant ladies, handicapped, senior members and those who are prone to heat rash, through hosting it in air-conditioned venues, so no one gets left behind or be exposed to the haze, if any. Moreover, there will be no need for wet weather plans. Secondly, dietary requirements such as halal meals, vegetarian food, or even towers of beer should be met. Thirdly, effective bonding principles ought to be incorporated in the games. It takes elaborate planning and lots of man hours to do a good job and that is probably why you prefer to engage a team building company in Singapore to take over that load.

We, the team from Village Singapura, are going a bit over and beyond by presenting you with a comprehensive list of team bonding ideas! This is a continuation from our earlier Part 1 of the Top 80 Team Bonding Activities in Singapore on online searches. Here you go with the 21st to 40th ideas on the top 80 bonding activities in Singapore! We hope it comes in really handy for you!

Amazing Race


21. Fight for the Top Spot as a Team at the Amazing Race

Why choose this? Amazing Race is a great activity that requires participants to exercise critical thinking skills, utilize time and resources efficiently, cooperate to complete obstacles at pit stops to achieve a common goal – to top in the Race! It’s all good fun! Customize your Amazing Race with Village Singapura for a session that meets your organization’s objectives and employees’ preferences!

Best for: Those seeking a bit of excitement, but not too much!

Zombie Attack


22. Fight the Zombie Attack Together

Why choose this?  Participants role play as zombies, fighters, and scientists! While the scientists are working rigorously in the laboratories to develop a cure for the zombie virus, fighters are risking their lives in the open with the zombies! Time is ticking as the fighters protect the laboratory from the zombies! Moreover, participants get to have fun dressing up as zombies!

Best for: Those who are into the zombie apocalypse, and perhaps not for the faint hearted and pregnant. Alternatively, participants can role play as assistants to Indian Chefs, merchants, rickshaw pullers, miners and numerous more as part of their fun team activity in Singapore!

Flower Arrangement Class


23. Flower Arrangement Bonding Workshop

Why choose this? Have a relaxing time while learning the art of flower arrangements and enjoy the lovely floral scent! Not to mention, you’ll get to bring home your flower arrangement too!

Best for: Those who love flowers!

Fun Carnivals

24. Fun Carnivals for Corporate Groups

Why choose this? Brings the kids along in these fun carnival sessions with prizes to win and bring home!

Best for: General public including families, pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Get to Know Indian Spices at Village Singapura Team Activities

25. Fun Cooking-Related Lessons Together

Why choose this?  Spice up your bonding session with one of these unique team activities in Singapore, which includes putting your sense of smell to the test as participants are introduced to a variety of Indian spices and learn how to prepare Indian dishes at Village Singapura. There will be no actual cooking though. For activities with actual cooking, you may like to see this list of activities and this list instead.

Best for: General public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members, and the ever hungry ones!



26. Get Active! Kayak and Canoe! As a Team!

Why choose this? Flex those arm muscles as the participants kayak down the Kallang river under a lovely afternoon sun! It’s a great way to foster partnerships between co-workers! After all, they are indeed “in the same boat”! Kayak equipment can be rented from the Water Sports Centre.

Best for: Physically fit adults and children who love water sports!

Bubble Soccer


27. Get Movin’ at Team Sport Sessions

Why choose this? Take part in team bonding sports such as volleyball by the beach, whacky Olympics with funny races and bubble soccer matches! Do the bubbles in the picture remind you of pokéballs?

Best for: Physically fit adults and children

Sentosa Wave House


28. Get Wet Together at Sentosa Wave House

Why choose this? Ride on the man-made waves at the Sentosa Wave House and enjoy the adrenaline rush in a safe environment! What’s more? Participants can party all night long!

Best for: Physically fit adults and children, and not to mention, expats who miss surfing the waves!

Go Karting


29. Go-Karting Group Adventure

Why choose this? Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you race down the tracks, learn how to control the kart and have fun! Be sure to select Go-Kart providers that stress on safety!

Best for: Those who love the speed! But of course, if you prefer safer group activities, there is always the option of customizing a team bonding programme that meets participants’ preferences!

Grocery Shopping for the Underprivileged


30. Grocery Shopping Activity for the Less Fortunate Families

Why choose this? Have a fun and meaningful time! Through completing team games, participants earn groceries dollars and race down the supermarket alleys as they gather a trolley full of items to be hamper-wrapped and presented to the less fortunate families.

Best for: Organizations promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movements

Nature Walks


31. Guided Nature Walks Around Singapore As a Group

Why choose this? De-stress through a relaxing session surrounded by greenery and serenity. Choose from Ann Siang Hill Park, Central Nature Reserve, Dairy Farm Nature Park, Esplanade Park, Fort Canning Park, HortPark & the Southern Ridges, Pasir Ris Park, Pulau Ubin, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. You can also hire a guide from the Singapore National Parks Board. What’s more? Do you know that Mount Faber is a Clefairy nest?

Best for: Families, nature lovers, and pokémon masters!

Old Singapore: Village Singapura Team Building Activities in Singapore

32. Have Fun at a Role Playing Drama Session Together

Why choose this? Be someone else for a day! Role play as an assistant to an Indian Restaurant chef, or as a surprise character in a Drama Mama role playing session and have a laughter-filled team experience!

Best for: The drama kings and queens, and those who love cosplay!

Indoor Baseball


33. Indoor Baseball Bonding Session

Why choose this? Enjoy a fun baseball session with a group of co-workers in one of the indoor facilities within Singapore! Sweat it out! But not under the sun!

Best for: Physically fit adults

Indoor Golf


34. Indoor Golf Course Team Challenge

Why choose this? Chill in fully air-conditioned indoor golf facilities with state-of-the-art golf course simulator that accurately capture every swing’s distance, speed, and angle! The best part is, it comes complete with golf equipment and beer!

Best for: Golfers and wannabes!

Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink


35. Indoor Ice Skating Together

Why choose this? Best for participants who love the cold environment! However, if being in the cold isn’t a top choice, there’s always the option of exploring the Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink, where the ground is made of a slippery cutting-edge plastic that mimics real ice!

Best for: Families and those who enjoy offering a helping hand to lift co-workers up when they fall! Well, it could be the other way too.



36. Indoor Prawning & Fishing in Singapore

Why choose this? Great opportunity for colleagues to sit together in a chill and slow environment, network with staff from different departments, and chit chat about their daily lives, until the rods start shaking!

Best for: The patient ones, but if taking a life away is too overwhelming for you, may we invite you to an old Singapore team building experience where you are brought back in time to childhood days.

Indoor Snowboarding


37. Indoor Snowboarding Group Experience

Why choose this? Great new experience for most who have never tried snowboarding!

Best for: Those who want to learn snowboarding, especially if they are planning an overseas skiing trip!

Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife


38. Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife as a Team

Why choose this? Kick off the morning with a local meal accompanied by orang utans at the Singapore Zoo’s award winning breakfast programme! Have a fun gathering with colleagues in a one-of-a-kind breakfast session to unwind from daily hustle and bustle!

Best for: Animal lovers

Comedy Night


39. Bond through laughter at Comedy Night

Why choose this? Have an absolutely enjoyable and light-hearted time laughing with co-workers at Comedy nights! Create pleasant memories and brilliant starting points for participants to develop the jokes further at work, livening up the workplace!

Best for: Everyone!

Jewellery Making Classes


40. Learn the Art of Jewellery Making Together

Why choose this? Learn the basic techniques and right materials to use to make jewellery. And get creative in crafting one’s very own jewellery pieces while enjoying the companionship of co-workers!

Best for: General public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members


We hope that you have found Part 2 to be equally useful.

Still can’t find an activity that suit your needs? It’s time to go deeper and way beyond page 1 of the search results. These will be featured in SG team activity ideas in part 3 and part 4. If you have not seen part 1 yet, some team activities there may suit you too. If you are looking to have your corporate meetings or retreat together with your bonding activities, you may find suitable Singapore corporate retreat and meeting venues there too.

Stay tuned, for Part 3.


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