Top 80 Team Bonding Activities in Singapore on Google, Bing and Yahoo Searches Part 4 of 4

Team Bonding


Are you seeking ideas for corporate team bonding activities in Singapore? Let us fast track that process for you! This is the final piece of a four-part series to bring you the Top 80 Team Bonding Activities in Singapore on online searches (Part One | Part Two | Part Three). Presented below are the last 20 ideas of our top 80 fun bonding activities in Singapore!

Disclaimer: This series of article is compiled as part of an initiative by Village Singapura to provide a one-stop list of cohesion activities that makes your search for team bonding ideas a much easier one. Village Singapura is a team building company in Singapore that brings participants back in time to the 1930s where they gain a cultural experience of forgotten practice like Chinese character paper cutting through role playing games. It serves to provide a relaxing time together for participants to enjoy in fully air-conditioned venues, complete with halal/vegetarian food options and customizable bonding packages that fit the organization’s budget.

Methodology: We googled for “team bonding activities in Singapore”, collected the results from the top 9 – 10 pages from Google, Bing and Yahoo, organized them in alphabetical order to deliver the top 80 team bonding activities!

Rock Band


61. Rock Band Team Bonding

Why choose this? Be surprised by the musical talents within the organization by giving co-workers a chance to showcase their skills. Have a crash course lesson from the musicians and have an awesome time!

Best for: General public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Sand Sculpting


62. Sand Sculpting by the Beach

Why choose this? Display the inner craftsman in co-workers in this sand sculpting session by the beach. Moreover, staff can bring their kids to enjoy this fun day out together. It’s a great opportunity for the kids to make new friends too. They will surely love it.

Best for: Beach lovers!

Universal Studios Singapore


63. Scavenger Hunt at Universal Studios Singapore

Why choose this? The scavenger hunt at Universal Studios Singapore includes most of the rides and attractions at the venue. Visit the various themed attractions such as Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. The scavenger hunt session involves solving work quiz and simple logic game, and is suitable for kids and adults! What’s more? There’re plenty of great restaurants like Hard Rock Café and Din Tai Fung in the vicinity for lunch!

Best for: Participants who love theme park rides!

Sentosa Luge


64. Sentosa Skyline Luge Water Challenge

Why choose this? Push the excitement of your luge experience up a notch by delivering a cupful of water on your ride! At the end of the ride, the team with the highest volume of water wins!

Best for: Physically fit adults

Office Fish Tank


65. Set up a Fish Tank in the Office Together

Why choose this? Set up an aquarium in the office with everyone contributing their own fish and plants to decorate the tank! This fosters a sense of belonging amongst co-workers!

Best for: Offices with a big empty space available for an aquarium!



66. Showcase Your Bowling Skills

Why choose this? Showcase your bowling skills in one of the best bowling alleys in Singapore and have a fun team outing! Did you know that bowling exercises muscles are not typically utilized?

Best for: General public including families



67. Sing Together at a Karaoke Session

Why choose this? Flaunt your singing abilities and bond with co-workers in a relaxing environment with drinks and snacks served at your request.  It comes with health benefits too! Singing lowers cortisol, resulting in stress relieving effects on the singer.

Best for: General public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Singapore Heritage Trail


68. Singapore Heritage Trail

Why choose this? Embark on a journey to explore Singapore’s rich culture through a heritage trail along Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street. Top it off with a trishaw tour for an old Singapore experience.

Best for: General public especially people new to the country for a tour of places that authentically represent the history of Singapore.

Soap Making Supplies


69. Soap Making Workshop

Why choose this? Get together in a soap making session and bring home your very own hand soap! But the bigger bring home from this workshop is the know-how. Participants will be able to custom make their own soap with the right ingredients, which is especially good for those with skin allergies and soaps make great gifts!

Best for: General public including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Pulau Ubin Campfire


70. Survival Experience at Ubin

Why choose this? Turn on the survival instincts as the participants will be staying over in Ubin for a weekend. Filter the seawater for drinking, light a fire using only rocks and dried leaves, and cook your own meals. Appreciate the fauna and flora surroundings, fresh air and brilliant stars of the night sky with colleagues.

Best for: Nature lovers

Singapore Museum


71. Tour of Singapore Museums and Offshore Islands

Why choose this? Visit museums in Singapore and offshore islands for an eye-opening tour of Singapore while enjoying  a relaxing session together.

Best for: General public including families, pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members



72. Try Out Fencing

Why choose this? Destress, increase your flexibility and enjoy a good, fun and friendly match with your co-workers in the fencing class!

Best for: Physically fit adults

Vegetable Farm Visit


73. Vegetable Farm Visit

Why choose this? Be inspired to grow your own crops at home and live a healthier lifestyle! After all, you get to choose which fertilizers and pesticides to add when you grow them at home.

Best for: General public

Tiger Beer Brewery Tour


74. Visit Singapore’s Very Own Tiger Beer Brewery

Why choose this? Explore Singapore’s very own Tiger Beer brewery, enjoy a beer sampling activity and learn how beer is brewed in a company excursion!

Best for: Alcohol lovers and the curious ones

Singapore Charity Volunteers


75. Volunteer at Charity Events

Why choose this? Contribute to the greater good by volunteering at charitable organizations in Singapore! It also serves to add points to your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movements!

Best for: General public, including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

SIngapore City Gallery by URA


76. Walk through the Singapore Transformation Journey by URA

Why choose this? Visit the Singapore City Gallery by URA to witness Singapore’s physical transformation over the past 50 years.

Best for: General public, including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Weekend BBQ Team Bonding Session


77. Weekend BBQ

Why choose this? Get together with co-workers in a relaxing weekend BBQ by the beach or at the BBQ pit area of the kind soul who is willing to host the gathering at his/her place! Don’t forget to scrap off the burnt char yea?

Best for: General public, including pregnant ladies, handicapped and senior members

Wheelchair in Motion


78. Wheelchair in Motion

Why choose this? Put participants in someone else’s shoes as they experience traveling solely on wheelchair around Singapore, learn how to use the wheelchair, how to handle slopes and manoeuvre around tight turns and corners, and perhaps learn to do a couple of motion tricks on the wheelchair, if they are good enough! Ultimately, the session is meant to cultivate a sense of empathy towards the handicapped.

Best for: General public especially organizations with handicapped employees and architectural firms

Wine Tasting


79. Wine Tasting Experience

Why choose this? Savor the various types of red wines, learn to differentiate cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz etc. using only the nose and taste buds, and enjoy a chill time with colleagues as you sip the antioxidant-rich elixir.

Best for: Wine connoisseurs and wannabes

Club Med Singapore


80. Yoga & Detox Wellbeing Retreat

Why choose this? Calm the senses with a relaxing time at Club Med featuring yoga, breathing and detox sessions! This has to be the best destress retreat for participants!

Best for: Deep pocket organizations. Alternatively, you can go for a more affordable and relaxing activities together!


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