Top 10 Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Take your pick from a variety of corporate team bonding activities in Singapore to build much-needed cohesion and rapport in your company.

Fun events for group cohesion can reap huge benefits for your company. This is backed up by solid research: a study from MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory suggests that these activities facilitate effective cooperation and teamwork in the long run. From building bikes for kids to live action role-playing, here’s a rundown of the most exciting and fun team building activities in Singapore today.


Build a dream team building activities singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Asia Ability]

Charity is taken to a whole new level in this four-hour programme, which involves assembling bicycles for a group of local underprivileged children. Teams solve fun puzzles and take part in challenges to earn tools and parts, not knowing that their efforts are for a good cause until the end!

Best for: Employees who love to get hands-on.


meaningful & fun team building activities singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Dignity Kitchen]

Don your aprons and experience a day in the life of a hawker. Teams are guided by trainers as they whip up a variety of hawker fare from scratch. When the prep is complete, enter hungry seniors, who order their lunch from the stalls and test the participants’ serving and stall-manning skills.

Best for: Food-loving employees who are always discussing where to lunch!


Art Jamming Team Building Activities in Singapore can be fun

[Photo filename: Visual Arts Centre]

In this customisable fun bonding activity, teams pick up the palette to express their company’s vision and values through art or simply let their imaginations go wild. Professional art instructors teach basic art principles and techniques with useful references. Group paintings can be conjoined into a canvas mural, creating snazzy artwork for the office.

Best for: Employees with a creative streak.


funny team bonding activities in singapore with bubble soccer

[Photo filename/credit: Cohesion Singapore]

Participants wear air-inflated spherical suits before knocking each other over, literally. Ranging from the physical to the strategic, four game modes in the bubbly attire put your employees’ teamwork and competitive spirit to the test. Bonus: Video outtakes equals plenty of laughter back in the gentler confines of the office pantry.

Best for: Employees with sports in their blood.


Fun Drama Team Building Activities Singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Village Singapura]

Culture and heritage take centerstage as participants role-play as merchants, rickshaw pullers and fresh-off-the-boat migrants in 1930s Singapore. They compete and earn their keep by picking up fun skills that include Chinese paper-cutting, identifying Indian spices, and mastering the thrilling game of Chapteh. Handcrafted props and experienced facilitators add to the authenticity and richness of this retro affair.

Best for: Companies with a young-old or local-expat staff mix.


fun perfume team bonding activities singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Je T’aime]

Organised by a local perfumery, this activity for cohesion aims to stimulate all senses via the nose. By exploring local places, history and culture through olfactory-related experiments and games, co-workers discover their own and one another’s personalities. The highlight? Every participant gets to create their own fragrance for keeps.

Best for: Companies with clients to meet and impress.



Wild & Fun Team Building in Singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Night Safari]

On a caravan, participants are led to a tented rainforest camp by the lake. After a wine-filled gourmet dinner in the glow of a bonfire, end on a high by getting the best seats at Night Safari’s Creatures of the Night animal show.

Best for: Nature- and animal-loving employees.


Coffee team building in singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Bettr Barista]

Learn the secrets of a perfect brew and bond through aromatic beans from this coffee academy, which offers customisable bonding experiences for small and large groups.

Best for: Coffee-loving employees in need of a good pick-me-up!


high altitude fun team building in singapore

[Photo filename/credit: Forest Adventure]

Participants swing from tree to tree and zip across a scenic reservoir as they encourage and help one another complete a 36-obstacle treetop “Grand Course”. The obstacles, which include wobbly logs and scary trapezes, promise to give confidence and teamwork a huge lift.

Best for: Employees in need of a dose of adventure!


Archery tag team building in singapore

[Photo filename/credit: The Fun Empire]

Armed with special foam-tipped arrows, teams must get organised to fight each other in action-packed archery tag showdowns. Participants must work as a team and think on the move or be obliterated by their enemy.

Best for: Employees with targets to meet. (Get it?)

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