Village Singapura: Team Building Activities in Singapore for WDA

On 5 February 2016, WDA was in for an awesome Village Singapura experience at Waterloo Street. Participants not only traveled in a time capsule back to the 1890s Singapore, fun memories were created and strong bonds were forged with each other in this journey.


1. Do some Chinese Paper cutting with me!

Chinese paper cutting symbolises good wishes and hopes for health, longevity and happiness. Sometimes, they are also known as “chuang hua (窗花)”, meaning “Window Flower”.

In this mission, Villagers were taught how to cut the Chinese characters “shuang xi (囍)”, which means double happiness in English. Paper cuttings with such wording are common in weddings as they symbolises eternal bliss and happiness to the families of the newly-weds. Villagers were very focused in cutting out the intricate patterns, and of course, not forgetting to help one another along the way, exemplifying awesome teamwork!


2. Welcome to the Indian Spice Store!

Singapore was a vital trading port along the spice trade route and this attracted many Indian traders to bring over highly coveted spices such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric and other Indian spices. These spices are commonly used in many cuisines, especially in Indian food, due to their distinctive taste and fragrance.

At the Indian spice mission, Villagers were taught to identify a variety of Indian spices by their distinct smell. Villagers enthusiastically smelled each and every spice and tried hard to learn the names of these spices by smell. They sure had an eye-opening experience as they were not very aware that many of the spices are actually used extensively in many dishes till now.

3. Can you kick the chapteh as well as me?

In Singapore, chapteh is believed to be of Malay or Hokkien origin and is often referred to as “Sepak Bulu Ayam”, which means “Chicken Feather Football” when translated in English. Comparable to Jianzi (毽子) in China, chapteh dates back to 5th century BC China. Back in those olden days China, these Jianzi (毽子) were used for training purposes for soldiers in the military, as well as for Shaolin monks in the Tang Dynasty.

Though some participants played with the chapteh before, it was still quite some time since they came into contact with it. Hence, the kicking of the chapteh still proved to be a challenge to many. However, after familiarising themselves with the kicking techniques and through sheer determination, Villagers managed to overcome the difficulties amidst constant encouragement and cheers from their peers. Well done, Villagers!


Village Drama Mama

The highlight of the event would be the Village Drama Mama segment, where participants got to dress up as historical characters such as Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles. Participants had fun looking through the costumes and props to find one that suit their characters most, helping each other transform into a character back in the 1890s. Next, participants tried to create the most creative and realistic skit which had to incorporate their company’s key messages, pitting their acting skills against each other. It was certainly heartening to see how much fun the participants had and the room was constantly filled with laughter!


During the photobooth session, participants made use of whatever props they could get their hands on, and cracked their brains to think of unique poses for the group shot. They sure look like professional models and their poses were certainly one of a kind!


As the event drew to a close, participants were brought closer to one another through interactions and fun-filled activities throughout the day. Unforgettable memories were created, and these happy memories were also captured during the photobooth session.


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