Village Singapura: Team Building Activities in Singapore for Flextronics

On 21 January 2016, participants from Flextronics were immersed in an exclusive Village Singapura experience at the elegant Shangri-La hotel amidst a relaxing and comfortable environment. While travelling back in time to the 1890s Singapore, participants not only had fun along the journey learning about the history of Singapore, strong bonds were fostered as they interacted with one another.

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1. Create recipes at the Indian Spice Shop

Singapore was an important trading port back in the 1890s along the spice trade route, where Indian traders brought a variety of Indian spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and cumin. Due to the scarcity of these spices, they are highly-coveted by many and were extremely valuable.


At this Indian Spice mission, Villagers were exposed to a variety of Indian spices and even got the chance to smell and learn names of these spices, which are common in many cuisines today due to their unique fragrance. Also at this station, Villagers got to learn the recipes of Indian dishes which involved the use of the spices they’ve learnt! It sure was an eye-opening experience for them!

2. Be a Chapteh superstar!


Similar to Jianzi (毽子) in China, Chapteh dates back to 5th century BC China where it was used extensively for training the soldiers in the military training, as well as Shaolin monks in the Tang Dynasty. Locally, “Chapteh” is believed to be of either Malay or Hokkien origin.




Villagers were first taught basic chapteh-kicking techniques and were given some time to familiarise with the kicking by themselves. After which, a chapteh kicking competition was held where each Village competed and pitted their chapteh-kicking skills against each other in an intensive chapteh showdown. Villagers were all geared up and excited to make their own respective village proud. During the competition, Villagers realized that everything was easier said than done as it may be tricky to prevent the chapteh from hitting the ground and requires a lot of cooperation among team members. However, Villagers demonstrated exemplary teamwork by enthusiastically cheering their own team mates on, which definitely boosted the morale of the entire team to do better and fight harder!

3. Make traditional Chinese Paper-cutting

In the Chinese tradition, Chinese paper cutting is seen to be an expression of good wishes and hopes for health, longevity and happiness. These paper cutouts were seen to be auspicious and thought to bring good luck to the whole family and are sometimes called “chuang hua (窗花)”, meaning “Window Flower” in English.


In this mission, Villagers were taught how to make intricate paper cuttings such as the“shuang xi (囍)”, meaning double happiness, which is a common sight in many traditional Chinese weddings. The Chinese believed that by having these characters during weddings, happiness and bliss will be brought to the families of the newly-weds. Though most Villagers were not exposed to such cuttings before, they were extremely focused in their mission and were determined to produce the prettiest paper cutting!

Village Drama-Mama  


Here comes the highlight of the event, the Village Drama Mama! In this segment, each Village is required to come up with a 1-2 minute skit together, involving famous historical characters of Singapore such as Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles. Villagers were given information cards with the brief history of Singapore, so that they can have a better understanding of Singapore’s past and put up a more realistic skit. Besides, each team also has to incorporate key messages such as “embracing transformation” in their skit. Bouts of laughter were heard especially during the improvisation section where Villagers really used their creative juices to counter the sudden plot twist! Villagers had fun brainstorming for ideas and dressing each other up, hoping to put up the most creative performance. It was really heartening to see Villagers work together amidst fun and laughter!


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Special segment

Exclusive Singapore cultural hands-on experience

After putting so much hard work in the Drama Mama segment, Villagers were rewarded with an exclusive hands-on experience of making their very own Chinese malt candy stick!

Wacker pic 5

The fun doesn’t just stop there! Villagers were also given a hands-on experience on pulling the teh-tarik, a popular drink among many Singaporeans. The teh-tarik is made from pulling the tea between 2 mugs at a height, to create a rich and foamy drink, a hot-favourite that can commonly be found in hawker centers. This is certainly a fresh experience for the Villagers who have been drinking this beverage but have never tried making their own.












IMG_0352     IMG_0354

Also, as Chinese New Year is drawing near, Villagers learnt about the meanings behind Chinese New Year goodies and were treated to these delicious snacks such as bak kwa, pineapple tarts and love letters. The snacks were so addictive that Villagers couldn’t help reaching out for more!

Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa

Love Letters

Love Letters

pineapple tarts 640

Pineapple tarts (credits: herworldplus)

As the event drew to a close, Villagers were invited to mark this wonderful day with a nostlagic photo booth session where they had fun coming up with creative poses with the props provided.

IMG_0341  IMG_0350

Through this exclusive Village Singapura experience, participants got to know each other better through the interactive activities and got to see the fun side of their fellow colleagues. Many happy memories were created and strong bonds were forged with one another during this fun-filled event.




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