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On 14 August 2015, members of Wacker Chemie AG indulged in a fun-filled Village Singapura experience in a multi-concept space, the Azurra Beach Club, which was magically transformed into a scene back into the 1960s Singapore. While being transported back in time, participants learned more about each other another and stronger relationships were nurtured in the process.

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Convey good wishes through Chinese Paper Cutting!

Chinese Paper Cutting, also known as Jianzhi (剪纸), is a significant art style in Chinese folk culture which became more extensively used as paper became more affordable. Paper-cutting represents good luck and happiness, and is sometimes called “chuang hua (窗花)”, which means Window Flower in English as they are often found on windows.

With just a piece of red coloured paper and a pair of scissors, the paper-cuttings which are endowed with a modest but embroidered beauty can be created. Also, these elaborate paper-cuttings have various meanings for different occasions.

team building activities in singapore- wacker - paper cutting

In this mission, Villagers were guided to cut the “shuang xi (囍)”, which can commonly be seen on windows or doors of newly-weds, symbolising the happiness and bliss of a wedding. As not all the Villagers was taught how to make the cuttings simultaneously, some of them assumed the role of teaching their fellow Villagers the cutting procedures instead. It was certainly a challenge for the Villagers to accurately cut out the exquisite patterns on the paper, and yet compete against each other to create the loveliest paper cuttings within the shortest time.

Be a TehTarik Master, pull the most sedap TehTarik!

team building activities in singapore- wacker - teh tarik

TehTarik, which means “pulled tea” in Malay, is a hot favourite here among the locals. It is made by constantly pulling and pouring the tea back and forth using 2 metal containers to mix its contents evenly, and cool it to an perfect temperature for consumption, and also to form its signature froth at the top layer. In this mission, Villagers were taught how to create this highly popular drink among Singaporeans!

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At the beginning of this challenge, Villagers were first given a chance to familiarise themselves with the pulling and pouring techniques of TehTarik-making. Thereafter, things became more challenging and exciting when Villagers have to work as a team to complete the challenge, where participants were only allowed to “pull” the TehTarik single-handedly, while the person beside holds another metal container for the tea to be transferred into. This synchronized motion of making TehTarik as a team was not as easy as it sounds, especially having to compete in terms of speed with other Villages to bag the championship title.

Experience being a Chinese Malt Candy Sticks seller!

Also known as Beh Leh Koh in Hokkien, this Chinese Malt Candy stick is a very popular snack in the 1960s which is believed to signify wealth and prosperity. It is a classic sweet made from caramelised malt that is eaten after many turns around a pair of chopsticks and actually looks like a lollipop upon closer inspection.

team building activities in singapore- wacker - chinese malt candy stick

In this activity, Villagers were given wooden chopsticks and were taught to scoop and twirl the malt from a container, and rolling it up into a caramalised malt “lollipop”, mimicking the actions of a professional malt candy stick maker along the streets in olden days Singapore.



team building activities in singapore- wacker - drama mama
The highlight of the entire event would be the much anticipated Drama Mama. In this segment, each Village had to work together brainstorm for ideas to put together a short skit about Singapore’s history, involving famous historical characters like Sang Nila Utama, Sir Stamford Raffles and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. And of course, interesting props were provided to enhance the entire acting experience to make it more realistic. Cards containing information about Singapore’s history were handed out to participants as well, to equip them with some background knowledge about Singapore’s past, and to aid them in the smooth creation of their skit.

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Overall, everyone had fun with all that story making and dressing-up, and definitely a memorable experience for all the Villagers.


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At the end of this unforgettable journey, great memories were created and strong bonds were forged through this unique Village Singapura experience like none other. Participants not only brought back memories, but also lasting relationships formed with one another.




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