Village Singapura: Team Building Activities in Singapore for MOE

Here are the memories created through our Village Singapura experience, an exclusive team building activity in Singapore.

                        IMG_1163   IMG_1220IMG_1223   IMG_1230IMG_1177   IMG_1186IMG_1255   IMG_1249IMG_1245   IMG_1203IMG_1204   IMG_1238 IMG_1178   IMG_1237


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Want to know how it will work for you? Do you have other questions for example:

– what will participants experience?

– how we’ll do Village Singapura for different group sizes (<50pax, 51-150 pax, 150-400+ pax)

– will locals enjoy Village Singapura?

– why will foreigners enjoy Village Singapura?

– can I customise the duration of the team building?

We  have a list of case studies that will answer your doubts.